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How to Organize the First Date with Russian Woman?

If you’re a lucky guy, who have already found a beautiful Russian woman online and want to ask her for a date, then you need to do all you best to win the heart of Slavic beauty. Girl from Russia and Ukraine are really special and they know how to change your life and make you happy. Don’t lose your chance and make everything possible to impress the lady on the first date. Hereinafter you’ll find some ideas on how to organize the first date.
First Date with Russian Woman

One of the most difficult problems of a first date is to overcome stiffness and shyness. At the beginning of the acquaintance, when you know very little about each and every, and there are almost no common themes for maintaining the conversation, you tend to experience a feeling of awkwardness and stiffness. In this case, visiting a bar or restaurant isn’t the best idea, because you absolutely have nothing to do there.

To tell the truth, most of the first dates are almost the same: you see a new person, you try to communicate, have a snack together in the café or a dinner at the restaurant, and you talk about something standard, such as hobby, daily life, etc. But if you want to become a part of girl's life, you need to impress Russian match. For example, you can organize a date on a roof, or go to quest together, etc

First of all, it is worth not to visit places where you have nothing to do. These include such like: a cafe and a restaurant. Think, what will you do there? Of course, if you have a lot in common, it's not a problem to find interesting topics for two people. However, this doesn’t happen so often. In most cases, when dating unfamiliar people, especially if they are worried, the conversation goes to a dead end, and there are a lot of awkward pauses.

So, where to invite Russian lady on the first date?

  • Actually the choice isn’t so small. For example, you can go bowling. This game popular all over the world, and both, foreigners and Russian women are able to master it pretty quickly. In addition, the bowling club is a public place, so you don’t have to be alone with a stranger, which can sometimes be unsafe.
  • Another good idea for a date is a visit to the master class. Joint work will make you closer. Master classes can be selected the most diverse. A good choice will be the production of chocolates. Such a date will not only be dynamic and fun, but also quite romantic.
  • beautiful Russian woman online
  • A romantic date for a girl can be arranged on the roof of the building. Visit the roof of a building and spend there the evening with your loved one. Such a date will be romantic, unusual, and of course, - unforgettable. This date should be organized in the evening, and preferably at night. You need to work a little to find an appropriate place, ask friends or consult the Internet where there is a roof on which you could arrange a date. In addition, there are companies that specialize in organizing unusual dates, there you can find out about the location of "open" roofs.
  • You can organize unusual date on the bridge. If you live in a big city, then the bridge should not cause any problem. A lively track under your feet and a mighty bridge are components of a really unusual date. And if you turn on your imagination, then such a date can turn into a fairy tale. But keep in mind: a bridge isn’t enough, so it makes sense to continue your date in other place. Your imagination and the desire to do everything perfectly, interestingly and beautifully will certainly help you!
  • One more idea of unusual date, but for the bravest Russian girls, is the date in swimming pool, Water Park or sauna. The most appropriate option is a water park. It’s better to visit this place early in the morning, because at there are a few people in the park. The main thing is to be together all the time, hug more and enjoy the fun that surrounds you.
  • The skating rink is also a good option. Yes, you need to go to the rink together. Probably such rendezvous is not so romantic but you can spend nice time together, holding by hands all the time.
  • Night movie session. Try to get the girl out as late as possible. Buy tickets in advance. It doesn’t matter what kind of film it will be, most importantly, that there will be fewer people, but it is better that during the whole session you stay with your beloved one in private. Kisses and gentle hugs will impress the girl you like. Especially if it's in a big hall, where there's not a soul beside you.
My Russian Match

Try to add some humor to a date. Laughter will help decrease the tense atmosphere and smooth out embarrassing moments. Smile, joke and fill your first date with fun. Lightness, ease and mutual understanding will become the companions of your mood. But before the first date, we advise you to learn which personal qualities are important for Russian women in a man.

We hope that these simple tips will help you to organize the best first date with Russian woman, And if you haven’t yet met your Slavic beauty, then you need to become a part of our online marriage agency “My Russian Match”.

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