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How to Realize the Real Purpose of the Russian Girls in the Relationship with Foreign Men?

Serious relations between the foreign men and Slavic beauty are not immediately born. Often it takes too long to find someone with whom they really want to tie such long-term, and maybe eternal, relationships. In this case, for sure, you noticed that this desire comes to the girls a little earlier than to the guys. And, perhaps, they need something more from the person with whom they date, than just flirting or friendship. In the article "How to Realize the Real Purpose of the Russian Girls?" we try to dig deep into women’s psychology and will try to understand: why girls want (or don’t want) to create family with foreign guys.


Real Purpose of the Russian Girls

So, what does a girl need in a relationship with a guy? The answer is simple: if a girl is already grown up, if she’s tired of flirting and has decided to choose one person, then she will chose a guy, with whom she’ll feel safe and sound. After all, every girl needs to feel protected, and her boyfriend/husband should create such a feeling.

The desire to create a family, or at least to develop a serious relationship, is mainly based on the maternal instinct inherent in every woman. You’ve probably noticed that some girls get married very early and give birth, others try to build career instead of the family. Why is it so? Actually, to start a family is a deliberate and serious step that takes place regardless of age. However, nature knows better when and who needs to have a serious relationship. If you don’t know whether the girl is interested in this relationship, you should learn “The Main Signs That a Russian Girl Is in Love with You”.

What else does a girl need from a guy, except for the sense of security? Perhaps we will respond a little mercantile, but the answer is money, and this is so. Money is what attracts many girls, especially those who grew up in dysfunctional families. The lack of money and the desire to get out of the cramped room that you had to share with your siblings all your life, sometimes proves to be stronger than any feelings. And the girls, abandoning the hope for mutual love and wealth, prefer to choose wealthy and rich man, even if she doesn’t love him.

If a girl feels that she needs a boyfriend, this does not necessarily mean that she wants to create a family with him and give him kids. It’s not excluded that she wants to achieve some popularity in certain circles, and intends to use the right guy for this. Such relationships can be mutually beneficial, however, hardly strong. After all, having achieved her goal, the girl will no longer need this man - she will need another, "stronger and more popular.



pleasant for Russian match

Despite the fact that such cases occur more often in our life, this does not mean that there’s nothing bright and good in our world, and all relationships are deceitful and prudent. After all, every girl in a relationship with a beloved guy needs, first of all, tenderness and mutual understanding. She wants him to worry about her and to call every half hour - even if it seems to irritate her, but still such a care will be very pleasant for Russian match! A girl wants a guy who can gently cover her with a blanket in the middle of the night and kiss her, thinking that she’s already sleeping. She wants him to understand all woman’s wishes and desires.

But there are other types of girls, quite the opposite. Let's call this psychological type "mothers". Why do girls try to be “mothers” for their boyfriends? The answer is simple, she just needs to take care of someone and educate him. She will nourish the man nutritionally, improving his culinary skills in order to arrange for him another feast of the stomach. In the evenings she will monotonously knit a warm winter scarf for her man. And will do everything possible to please him. The only trouble is that not all men appreciate this type of women, someone needs a slightly bitchy lady.



attract Russian woman for sex

There are vampire girls. No, this does not mean that such a woman really drinks blood... but she “eats” male energy. For such a girl there is nothing better than to command someone. And it's doubly more pleasant if it's a representative of the stronger sex. She is looking for a "rag", a man who is in love with her and who is ready for almost everything. With such a man she is comfortable - a vampire girl doesn’t like to strain without a reason. But not every guy, no matter how weak he is, will allow the girl to control him all the time.

And, basically, every girl wants her boyfriend to be a real man: strong, capable of making important decisions, one that doesn’t offend and does not give offense. If you’ve met a beautiful Slavic girl and want to create family with her, first of all you need to be self-confident to attract Russian woman and do all your best to interest her.





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