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How to talk to any Russian woman

Do you feel nervous when a hot Russian girl is flirting with you? Let me help you now! Oh, don’t forget to take notes.


Ask for stories instead of answers. If you want to have more interactions with a woman from Russia, remember to ask more questions so she has to talk to you. However, you must master the art of asking questions before you do it. First and foremost, you’d better ask for stories rather than answers. By that I mean instead of asking “How was your day?”, you ask “What did you do today?” Instead of asking “How was your weekend?”, you ask “What was the best part of your weekend?” Now her answer will be much longer than “It was good”. The more she talks to you, the more she invests in you.



Ask specific questions, not generic questions. Don’t ask “How are you?” Do ask “What are you thinking about right now?” Don’t ask “What’s your name?” Do ask “What does your name mean?” (if the Russian beauty says “I don’t know”, you keep asking “What would you like it to mean?) Don’t ask “What do you do?” Do ask “What’s your story?” Don’t ask “What’s up?” Do ask “What are you looking forward to this week?”


Transform the boring small talk. We all hate small talk because it’s extremely boring, but we all do it. So, is there a way to change the dynamics? Yes! Whenever a girl from Russia says, “It’s a beautiful day today.” You shouldn’t reply, “Yes, it is.” Instead, you should say, “It is said that the weather was just like this on the day before Titanic sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.” Remember: always use whatever she says as a springboard and bring something interesting to the table. That’s called the art of disruption which moves the conversation forward.



Don’t mirror her language. In NLP, it’s important to mirror someone’s behavior if you want to make that person like you more, e.g. when she touches her elbow, you can also touch your elbow. However, when she says something, you shouldn’t repeat it. For instance, when a Russian woman says, “I’m an accountant.” You shouldn’t say, “Oh, you are an accountant.” By mirroring her language, you are lowering your value in her opinion because it shows you have nothing to offer and you only want to be polite. Therefore, you should refer to the paragraph above and look at how to break your pattern.


Give her unexpected answers. If the lady from Russia asks you, “How was your flight?”, instead of saying something generic like “It was all right”, you can say, “I’d be more impressed if the flight attendant called me by my first name rather than Mr. Smith.” Or when the stunner from Russiasays, “Today is so hot, isn’t it?”, instead of saying “yeah, it is”, you say, “Not as hot as you!” – In this way, you are flirting with her and paying her a compliment at the same time. Of course, don’t compliment her too often because you don’t want to put her on a pedestal. Give her enough compliments so that she knows you are attracted to her, but don’t give her too much power.



Talk about money with her. Don’t be afraid of talking about money with a Russian stunner. Money shouldn’t become the elephant in the room in your interaction with a beauty from Russia because the more you avoid it, the worse it will become – there are many couples who get divorced because of money problems, yet they never talked about money before getting married as it’s a taboo topic. RamitSethi famously said, “Most people would rather talk about their sex lives rather than their money.” That’s so true. Money has definitely become the No. 1 issue in many marriages in today’s day and age. In fact, the best way to avoid this problem is to discuss it with your Russian girlfriend early in the relationship. Actually, you’ll be glad to know that money isn’t such a taboo topic in Russian culture, so it’s okay to ask her the following questions:

1) What is the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?

2) What single expenditure do you regret the most?

3) Did you get an allowance when you were a child? Did that help or hinder your relationship to money?

4) How much money do you have in your savings account now?

Of course, you only ask her money questions when you two have already started a romantic relationship; otherwise, you will look weird. But again, always ask her questions about money at the beginning of your relationship with her. Don’t wait until you’ve already married a Russian wife. By asking her these questions, you will have a better understanding of her personality, her world view, her money mindset, etc. And then you will know whether you and her are compatible in terms of personal finances – that’s a big part of your personal life.


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