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How to touch a Russian beauty so that she becomes addicted to you

A typical Russian bride has smooth, fair and perfect skin. Women’s skin is very sensitive and receptive to men’s touch. A very famous sex expert in the United States claims that people won’t die without sex, but people will die without being touched. This is especially true for women who are validated by men’s touch because women want men to desire them. A Russian girl’s biggest fear is men don’t want to touch her anymore. Now we are going to discuss how to touch a Russian woman so she becomes addicted to you.

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Touch her hair gently, slowly. Women like having long hair so that men’s fingers can go through their hair. Yes, that’s a top secret of women. If you notice a Russian lady touching her hair while talking to you, you should know that she is interested in you because her action is telling you her interest. Women unconsciously crave men’s touch. Her hair is surely a good place to start.

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Touch the back of her neck while kissing her. Russian women enjoy sensuous kisses. You would get more brownie points if you touch the back of her neck while kissing her lips. You’ll probably hear her making beautiful female music while this happens. That area is very sensitive and you should explore it.

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Touch her breasts with her bra on. In fact, when you touch a Russian stunner’s breasts with her bra on, this gives her a very different sensation. Most men are too direct – they only want to touch bare breasts, but that’s like eating the main course without an appetizer (very boring). Therefore, as a smart man, you will touch her breasts with her bra on first. You can stand behind her and touch her breasts even with her T-shirt/blouse/dress on. Use both of your hands to massage her breasts. She will appreciate it.

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When you touch her bare breasts, massage one breast at a time. You should start from one breast and then after at least five minutes, you move on to the other breast. This is a huge turn-on because it creates anticipation that is also unexpected. Remember to use circular motion while doing this and you don’t have to focus on her nipples. As a matter of fact, the other areas of her breasts are just as sensitive as her nipples (if not more sensitive).

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When you touch her nipples, do not use too much strength. Touching her nipples should be a gentle approach to turn her on sexually. Nipples are not your toys, so you should be careful and don’t hurt her. The best way to touch her nipples is to use your mouth. You should suck her nipples slowly and gently before doing motorboating between her breasts in bed.


Hold her in your arms and rub her bare breasts with both of your hands at the same time. Now your Russian girlfriend will begin to moan gradually because this is a huge turn-on when it is done right. Meanwhile, you should breathe heavily near her ear so that she can feel you and hear you at the same time. Remember to make this a comprehensive experience via different senses.

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During intercourse, don’t forget to keep playing with her breasts. Actually, this not only makes you more satisfied, but only helps her to reach orgasm (orgasm doesn’t come easy for women). Better still, it keeps her wet all the time and makes the intercourse easier.

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Other great areas on her body are her stomach, her back, her ass, her vulva, her legs and her feet. You should spend some time exploring every area on her body carefully before penetrating her, during intercourse and after ejaculation. Then your lady from Russia will be addicted to you forever.


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