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Russian dating 101: Should you marry your financial opposite?

It’s shocking to see that so many people think love and money are separate topics. In theory, love and money are two completely different topics. But in practice, love and money have to become one topic if you decide to get married!

marriage with a Russian stunner


You are more likely to marry your financial opposite, but don’t do it. A study in the United States indicates that most people tend to marry their financial opposites. Research shows that this situation is probably caused by the fact that opposites attract. Indeed, when you meet a Russian woman who is completely different from you, it feels like experiencing something brand-new – this expands your outlook in life. Therefore, you fall in love with her. However, the problem is if you really marry a Russian girl like that, she might drive you crazy in terms of finances because your money system and hers aren’t compatible. Also, a survey in the United Kingdom suggests that people in a marriage with their financial opposites are much less likely to be satisfied with their marriages.

really marry a Russian girl


If your Russian bride is more financially sophisticated than you, it doesn’t mean you should let her manage money entirely. Let’s say you are a musician and your Russian beauty is an accountant – of course she knows money better than you do. Nevertheless, if you let her manage money 100%, it might end up in a disaster. Please remember that no matter what you do, you must know how to be responsible for your own personal finances. In fact, our schools taught us the wrong subjects – we never learned financial management at school. But that’s the most important subject in everyone’s life because we all need this knowledge. Yes, even if your wife from Russia is an accountant, you still need to know what’s going on in your household’s financial life. Because the divorce rate is so high in contemporary society, you don’t want to take a big risk in this regard. An example is Dr Christiane Northrup (New York Times best-selling author) who got divorced in her late 40s. She and her ex-husband are both successful doctors. Because she let her ex-husband manage all of their money, her life was really difficult when she was going through the divorce – she had to learn financial management in her late 40s and early 50s while going through the pain of a divorce, which isn’t a nice place to be. So, no matter what happens, you have to know how to manage your own money in your marriage with a Russian stunner.

wife from Russia and women


A note about financial infidelity. Although most Russian beauties are well-known for their honest personality, you still need to be careful because financial infidelity is becoming more and more common nowadays. Statistics show that 18.5% of married people have a secret credit card or debit card that their partner doesn’t know about. Many women lie when it comes to the price of their clothing because they know their husbands will disagree with their purchases. If people have to lie in their marriages, no wonder the divorce rate is so high in today’s day and age. Hence, you should know your Russian girlfriend’s financial habits extremely well before marrying her.


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