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Russian women dating advice

The best cities to meet Russian women

Obviously, the bigger the city the more you will find people with different origin. Luckily, in the U.S. there are many places where you can meet Russian women. Apart from the big metropolitan areas there is also a great chance to meet them at the beach or far on the West Coast. So basically you can pick a place that you like the most. New York and Chicago In New York the easiest way out is to aim for Brighton Beach or, as they call it, „ Little Russia

The best mothers in the world

The whole institution of family is at risk in the West now. Sometimes democratic development of a civilization may have some unpleasant but nearly inevitable side effects like exaggerated emancipation and endless war for equal rights. The biggest confusion is that from the one hand women want to be independent and absolutely equal to men in every small thing but from the other hand any girl would like to be protected and to feel care. If some of them say

The women who never sleep

New York never sleeps, Tokyo never sleeps, even Paris almost never sleeps – we all have heard it so often and only few of us that the only city in the world that definitely never sleeps in Moscow. Moscow is something that is too big for any stereotypes and descriptions. It is impossible to describe the atmosphere of the Russian capital in a small article so we will focus on the Russian ladies that spend their days and nights in Moscow

How to pick up a Russian girl

Slavic girls are known to be the most sociable in the world but the men from other countries still often ask how they can approach and impress them. One more fact is that Russian women are so polite because of Russian communication traditions and it does not mean that much. So basically we should admit that there are the same things that affect all the women in the world without any dependence on nationality.

Women from Ukraine

Americans often think that Ukraine and Belarus are something like smaller copies of Russia. It is a very primitive approach although there is some true in it. Ukraine and Russia used to be the one country and there is nothing strange in the fact that Ukraine still resembles Russia due to Soviet infrastructure. However, Ukrainians are not Russians and here we will talk about Ukrainian and Russian women that live in this country.

Russian women and Russian men

We all have heard hundreds of stories about Russian girls and foreign men and none about Russian men with the Western ladies. What is the problem with the men of Russia that their women have to look for husband abroad? Alcohol and tobacco Watching any Hollywood movie you have no doubts that a typical Russian is a man who drinks every evening and never appears in the street without a cigarette. We want to assure you that it is nothing more but exaggerated stereotypes.

Russian girls in Estonia

Estonia is a Baltic state with 26 per cent of Russian population. Obviously you can find some nice and pretty Russian girls in this country. There are certain regions where Russian-speaking population is concentrated. They like to go to specific places and they even dress a little bit different than the native Estonians. However they are still more European-integrated. The capital city is home to many attractive Russian girls The best bet to find Russian ladies in Estonia is to visit its capital - Tallinn

Belarusian women

What do you know about Belarus? Oh, nothing, don’t you? It is a very typical answer for a Western man who is used to think that Ukraine and Belarus are part of Russia even if formally they are independent states. Well, Ukraine has finally become worldwide knows and now even people from remote parts of the planet will never confuse it with Russia. But our mission in this article is to tell you about charming Russian women from Belarus.

Russian girls in Latvia

Latvia is one of the European State with a significant share of the Russian population. According to the latest census, 26% of the inhabitants were Russian-speaking. Russian women in Latvia may have different origin – some of them may come from Belarus and Ukraine or from other former Soviet Union Republics. However, they speak Russian as their primary language. Riga - the most attractive place to pick up girls The capital city is definitely the best place to look for Russian women. Apart from the fact that 40% of the population are Russian-speaking

Why are Russian women better than American?

This is a question that men ask themselves, when they hear some of their friends going off about how amazing the Russian girls are. There a couple of advantages that on average distinguish Russian women from an American lady. Russian girl never goes out in sweatpants There is no doubt that there are women on the streets of New York and Los Angeles who have an excellent sense of style. However, if you go to a supermarket somewhere in the suburbs or in the

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