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Russian women’s beauty secrets

Russian girls are well-known for their stunning looks and elegant vibes. How do they look after themselves? Maybe you want to know some of these secrets as you might learn a thing or two. Please note that we are not affiliate marketers of any products listed in this article.


Russian women prefer volumizing shampoo and conditioner. As you get older, you have less hair. On the contrary, when you are young, you have more hair. This general phenomenon applies to both men and women. Russian ladies are smart, so they use volumizing shampoo and conditioner to make their hair look bigger. Indeed, healthier hair indicates high-level hormones, thereby showing reproductive power. No wonder Russian beauties look so luscious and men want to touch women’s long hair! According to a survey, many girls in Russia use Kiehl’s volumizing shampoo and conditioner because that’s their favorite.

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Russian stunners use good serum and eye cream. Everyone knows the basic steps of skin care: You wash your face and then use a moisturizer. But do you know that the most important steps are using eye cream and serum? Ladies in Russia know that the eye area is the most delicate area on the face because the skin around the eyes is much thinner than the skin on the face. As a result, they always apply eye cream first. Statistics show that many girls in Russia prefer Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream. Also, a serum is more helpful than a moisturizer because the serum can penetrate deeper into the skin on the face. Thus, a large number of beauties in Russia use serum before applying a moisturizer. Many of them have recommended Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum which locks the youth and beauty on a woman’s face. Actually, switched-on men also use skin-care products to look after themselves because beauties from Russia prefer men with good and healthy skin. You can try some of these products if you are keen.

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Russian women use body lotion every day. Because Russia is a relatively dry place, most girls from Russia know how to take care of their skin – they use body lotion after shower daily. The skin on the neck and their hands are never ignored because these areas reveal a woman’s age easily. Some great body lotions are Estee Lauder’s Beautiful Body Lotion and Clinique’s Deep Comfort Body Lotion. Moreover, some women from Russia also use foot cream (e.g. L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Foot Cream), so if a beautiful woman’s feet are your fetish, then must marry a Russian bride!

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Russian beauties understand aroma therapy. Intelligent women use essential oils, especially pure essential oils such as lavender, rose and jasmine. Many ladies from Russia add a drop of pure essential oil to their moisturizer or body lotion to create a natural scent without using any artificial perfume. Pure essential oils are scientifically proved to be helpful in terms of a person’s health and wellbeing. Hence, you may want to try some yourself. Better still, if you are dating a Russian girlfriend, you can ask her to give you a massage with essential oils because this relaxes your body and eases your mind. Or you can learn some massage techniques to turn on your Russian wife: Mix ylang-ylang pure essential oil with sandalwood pure essential oil, and then massage her scalp, neck, back, arms, legs and feet – Observe her reaction – she will be turned on by this because ylang-ylang and sandalwood essential oils are aphrodisiacs that nobody should miss out on!


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