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The best mothers in the world

russiansex The whole institution of family is at risk in the West now. Sometimes democratic development of a civilization may have some unpleasant but nearly inevitable side effects like exaggerated emancipation and endless war for equal rights. The biggest confusion is that from the one hand women want to be independent and absolutely equal to men in every small thing but from the other hand any girl would like to be protected and to feel care. If some of them say that they are not interested in such things they either lie or have serious mental problems.

Family in Russian society

Omitting terrible and sometimes disgusting period between 1990 and 2005 we can say that Russia is returning to its family values. Nowadays Russian ladies give life to much more children than they used to in the 1990-s and there are much fewer single-parent families. It means that men woke up as well and started taking proper care of the wives and kids.

If we look at the statistics of Russian immigrants in the Western countries we will see that in usually Russian women have two and more kids and it is quite good (especially for Europe). The biggest advantage of a Russian mother is that she is very reluctant hire a babysitter because she wants to have a close contact with her child. It is the main difference between Russians and Americans – Russian family tradition means mother’s big contribution into bringing up children. The father’s involvement is not that impressive but the only reason for that is work. A man is supposed to be the breadwinner while a woman devotes all her time and energy to children.

Ambitious but not obsessive

Please, don’t think that Russians are not ambitious. They are much more motivated and determined than Americans and Europeans but luckily they usually are not obsessed with careers that much. Well, it is very important to earn enough and to have some prospects of promotion beyond, but Russian brides never put it on the first place. Personal self-fulfillment can be achieved in several ways and career is not the only one. A Russian girl will never sit twiddling their thumbs and waiting until a boyfriend or a husband brings some decent money. If there is such an opportunity they work and there are hundreds and maybe even thousands of success stories showing really interesting and inspiring way of the Russian girls (usually from the lowest positions to the very top). Just read the biographies of famous Russian actresses, models, musicians etc.

And what about the Western women?

We are not going to call Western women worse than Russians and turn them into emancipated monsters in your eyes. Some of them would also prefer to have a close family to solid paychecks and promotion. Sometimes it is impossible to find a compromise between ambitions and family and unfortunately the majority of the Western women choose the first option. They often do it mainly under pressure of the stereotypes imposed by media and find themselves lonely in their 40-s. The best years have passed. Was the top manager chair worth it?

Women from Ukraine and Russia will help you build a strong and healthy family. You will always have somebody to come to after work. It is such a great thing when someone waits for you every day and becomes happy just because you are back home, isn’t it?

Don’t waste time anymore! It is the high time to escape from the capture of lonely and hollow life – find your Russian girlfriend right now! There are thousands of amazing single women from Ukraine and Russia on our website.

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