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What to Talk with Russian Women?

Most often the first dates always consist of absurdity, restraint and stress. You try to show that you’re much better than you are, while mentally thinking about a million options for the topics for conversation. In this case you start talking some kind of nonsense and it looks horribly disgusting. Even worse, if you have nothing to talk about, and you just sit and keep silent, inserting a certain phrase about the weather or about choosing a dish on the menu once in half an hour. That's why the professional team of our online dating service has prepared for you a small set of rules about what to talk with a Russian girl on a date.
Russian girl on a date

6 tips on what to say on the first date:

  • Originality
  • Emotionality
  • Literacy
  • Talk about yourself and about her
  • Ask the right questions
  • Prepare in advance
  1. Originality. Just imagine how many dates there were in the life of the lady you like. What do you think she discussed on her first date with the other guys? Study, work, childhood, hobbies. It's so boring, that in 10 minutes she’ll have a desire to get up and run away. Remember that your original task is to get out of your comfort zone and you must surprise the girl. Therefore, avoid all these stamps and even if you don’t know what to talk about with a girl on a first date, then think, what could be interesting for you in such situation. And when you seriously think about these issues, a few non-banal phrases themselves will appear in your head.
  2. Emotionality. It doesn’t matter what to say on the first date, it’s important HOW you do this. Everyone knows that men are logical creatures, while women are too emotional. And she has come to you on a date because of new emotions. You can long and boringly tell her some interesting story, which from your lips will sound like an obituary. Or you can give her the most banal thing under such a sauce that she’ll remember it forever. Watch out for everything: for the timbre of your voice, for gesticulation, for her reaction to your words, in the end all this will make a general idea of you as a companion. Also the real emotionality will help you understand the real purpose of the Russian girls in the relationship.
  3. interest girls from Russia
  4. Literacy. You can be very beautiful, very rich, be able to take care of the girl, but if you can’t talk properly and correctly, then you can hardly interest girls from Ukraine. In fact, all the girls pay attention to your literacy, to what language you speak to her. If it's all composed of slang and rude words, then don’t expect anything good. For a girl, a beautiful language means that you are well-read, intelligent and that you read books, learn something new and develop yourself. Avoid parasitic words, put stresses correctly, otherwise, you’ll not be able to interest the girl. So before you think about what to talk with a girl on a date, practice speaking in a beautiful and clean language with your friends and colleagues - yes, with anyone, the main thing is that it should become a habit for you.
  5. Talk about yourself and about her. At the first date you should tell her about yourself. At the very beginning of the conversation, it is better to tune in to a confidence wave and talk as much as possible about yourself and learn about the girl. Then it’ll be easier for you to discuss next topics. But you should tell her some interesting and steep facts about yourself, about your hobbies, ask her non-standard questions, turn it into a kind of game, the goal of which is to maximally place the interviewee. Respect her feelings and give her the opportunity to distance herself from unpleasant topics. The main thing is not to allow uncomfortable pauses, because it’ll be difficult to get out of such situation. Moreover, you’ll lose the initial contact that has been established between you and the girl. It’ll be much more difficult to renew the former communication.
  6. Ask the right questions. To do this you need to have the skill. If you ask her questions, in response to which you can only hear "yes" and "no", then your conversation won’t stick together. The correct question is one that really can interest a girl, she herself will be interested in answering it. Think in advance about what you could ask her, first look at her social networks, where you can find enough information about her, her hobbies, her friends, her favorite places, books and films and try to build a conversation in such a way that neatly interweave this information in the course of the dialogue. The more questions you ask, the more she will want to know about you.
  7. russian online sex women
  8. Prepare in advance. You can never predict the outcome of a date, so not only think carefully about what to talk with a girl on the first date, but just in case, prepare some cool and unusual stories in case something goes wrong. For example, if she isn’t too eager to answer your questions, doesn’t want to talk about you and is not interested in you, then you can safely tell how, for example, a funny story about an accident or event. Thus, you can defuse the tense atmosphere between you, make her smile and make contact. If you managed to make her laugh, then everything is not so bad and you can try again to turn your conversation into the right direction, but everything depends on you. Just don’t go too far with these stories, it's still the first date, not a humorous show.

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