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When the Russian girl says she has a boyfriend

When you approach a hot Russian woman and she says she has a boyfriend, what should you do? Here we are showing you a couple of possibilities!


She says she has a boyfriend, but her body language is flirtatious and she is smiling. This Russian beauty is a true flirt. She is laughing at your jokes and even touched you physically, but meanwhile, she says, “I have a boyfriend”. What’s going on? Well, chances are she wants to see how you would react to “I have a boyfriend” test! Yes, it’s a shit test – this Russian lady wants to know whether you are unfazed by that statement or not. A beta guy always give it up when he hears “I have a boyfriend”, but an alpha guy always chases her even harder after hearing that (e.g. Jack charms Rose out of her entire world after he knows she has a fiancé in Titanic). No matter how you feel inside, you should always look calm and unfazed outside! If this Russian stunner is still talking to you, it means she actually likes you because the biggest indication of interest is the girl is still here!

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She says she has a boyfriend because she has received enough validation from you. When Russian women are approached by men, they need two things: physical satisfaction and mental validation. Sometimes the mental validation is enough if it’s very strong, e.g. you have paid her a huge compliment, so she feels extremely validated and she doesn’t need to meet her physical needs anymore – she has just had a mental orgasm! Hence, don’t compliment girls from Russia to aggressively – they need to earn your attention and compliments! Remember to turn the tables and let them work hard for you.

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She says she has a boyfriend and she looks uninterested. In this case, it seems that she actually does have a boyfriend and she is happy with her relationship. Now you can move on to the next key point.


If she really likes you, she may not even bring up her boyfriend at all. You should even ask yourself, “What triggers her talking about her boyfriend?” This is the most important question in the dynamics because it is probably something you have said or done that triggers that statement “I have a boyfriend”. If a beauty from Russia is attracted to you, she may never talk about her boyfriend or husband! Remember that women are not more faithful than men. When a man is cheating on his wife or girlfriend, there is a woman who is cheating with him! From a physical point of view, a woman can have sex for multiple times a day, but it’s harder for a man to have multiple erections a day. Consequently, it’s easier for a woman to cheat on her boyfriend or husband. So, the best solution is to become an attractive man and let the woman from Russia chase you. She should avoid talking about her boyfriend if she is really into you.




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