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Why are Russian women better than American?

russianladieThis is a question that men ask themselves, when they hear some of their friends going off about how amazing the Russian girls are. There a couple of advantages that on average distinguish Russian women from an American lady. Russian girl never goes out in sweatpants There is no doubt that there are women on the streets of New York and Los Angeles who have an excellent sense of style. However, if you go to a supermarket somewhere in the suburbs or in the rural area, here is what you see – women wearing T-shirts, running shorts or jeans, sneakers or flip-flops. The majority of American women are not even too fond of makeup. Russian women, on the other side, always like to dress up. If they know they will be seen by other people – they will put in some effort to look neat and attractive. They like wearing skirts, dresses and high-heels. They enjoy spending an hour in front of the mirror carefully doing makeup. They might get fully dressed just to go to the mailbox. They just like to be feminine. Oftentimes Russian girls are criticized by the Wester women for being too dressed-up in everyday life. Russian ladies, on the contrary, think that these women are just jealous of their beauty.


Lower expectations

Maybe at some point you have had the feeling that women are too spoiled nowadays. They expect you to drive an expensive car, give them valuable presents such as newest smartphones and live in a huge mansion near the golf course. How fun it would be to date a woman who thinks it is totally cool that you have a big truck, irregardless of its year of production, that you live in a two-bedroom house in a subdivision and you give her flowers. That is why dating Russian women is such a good idea. There is still a huge difference between the living standards in the USA and Russia. A skilled worker or an office employee in Russia could never afford to buy a house. If you have a stable job she will be totally cool with the life that you live. What is more – there is a huge disbalance in the proportion of men and women in Russia, so many Russian ladies are looking out West to find the man of their dreams.

Family oriented in a good way


The modern society with its striving for equality has had a lot of impact on the way, how girls in America are brought up. They have been taught by their mothers, that they have to achieve everything on their own. That is why women become more and more career-oriented. Oftentimes the fear of being too dependent on a man is disturbing the family life. Of course, the society in Russia is also used to women working on the same conditions as men. However, in the family, the daughters are being more prepared for the role of a mother. They are taught that the woman of the house is the keeper of the family values. If a Russian woman is a stay-at-home mom, she will exceed the expectations in keeping the house tidy, feeding you and the kids with home-made food and taking care of the garden. The best thing is that she won’t make you wash the dishes or do the laundry. If she is working as well, she will probaly need more of your assistance with the household, but they are awesome at combining family life with their work. Russian women have a very creative mind when it comes to solving problems or fixing something at home. They don’t like to pay for expensive service if somtehing can be done by yourself. Obviously, it would be too naive to say that Russian girls are for sure better than American women. There are some great advantages that come from their culture, which many men might appreciate. In the end, it is still the matter of qulities of each individual person.

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