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Women from Ukraine

fresexdating Americans often think that Ukraine and Belarus are something like smaller copies of Russia. It is a very primitive approach although there is some true in it. Ukraine and Russia used to be the one country and there is nothing strange in the fact that Ukraine still resembles Russia due to Soviet infrastructure. However, Ukrainians are not Russians and here we will talk about Ukrainian and Russian women that live in this country.

East and West

Eastern Ukraine is known to look very communistic and to be very close to typical Russian provincial towns. Bad roads, grey blocks and the statues of Lenin in the downtowns are the characteristics of this part of the country. Local people do their best to change everything to better but the heritage of the USSR will be still noticeable for some time.

People in the East speak Russian. You do not have to know any Ukrainian going to Donetsk, Odessa, Kharkov or Luhansk. We can even say that you will meet mostly Russian girls there. The Eastern Ukraine has very strong historical and cultural connections with Russia and that is why Russian language is still dominant there.

The Western part of the country is much closer to the Western civilization. For example, Lvov used to be in ancient Russia, in Poland and in Austria-Hungary and it has unique traces of the different epochs and civilizations.

Additionally there are many Hungarian, Polish and Romanian people who live in the West of Ukraine and such an ethnic composition made Western Ukrainian women so beautiful. The Eastern Ukrainians look just like Russians while the girls from the West have a bit more exotic appearance. Their black hair and slim bodies have become legends among foreign men who visited Lvov.

Language issues

The smaller is a country the more languages local people speak. Russia is a very big country and sometimes Russian dating is impossible because of simple misunderstanding between foreign men and local women. A lot of Russians speak very rusty English or do not speak any foreign language at all.

Ukrainians have better situation. You can try to talk to anyone in the street in English and the majority of people will more or less understand you. From the geographic point of you the Western part of Ukraine is the most “polyglot” altogether with Kiev. Ukrainian capital is full of tourists regardless of season and weather and it makes sense for local citizens to learn at least English.

We have awesome news for all who speak Russian – all the Ukrainians perfectly understand this language. In the Western part they prefer speak Ukrainian but if you talk to them in Russian they will easily answer you. They will certainly notice your accent though since it is almost impossible to speak Russian without any accent.

Ukrainian pickup

As for the mentality of Ukrainians and Russians it is generally the same. Ukrainian ladies are friendly (especially to foreign men). They adore attention so if you want to pick up a girl it would be reasonable to begin with a compliment. And don’t even worry about looking weird or about attracting too much attention from the people around – it is a typical thing in Slavic countries when a man approaches a woman in any public place. There is nothing shameful in it.


Enjoy your time in Ukraine and try to visit its both parts – you will see two different worlds with each living on its own. It is a very interesting country with millions of beautiful single ladies who would love to find a prince from the West and to move to a new country.

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