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Dating Russian women: Money tips

In the western culture, money is a taboo topic. Most women would rather talk about their weight instead of their money. Many people would rather talk about sex instead of money. But if you avoid talking about money, in the long term maybe fear will run your life when you are married. So, let’s be direct and talk about money today.


Russian dating 101: Keep your finances separate until you are married to your Russian bride. It’s just much safer if you keep your money separate when you are still dating a Russian girl. Also, never buy a house together if you aren’t married to her yet. You must avoid having shared assets before getting married. Actually, the safest way in this regard is to wait until she has given birth to you child. Then you know you and her are real family forever.

avoid talking about money



No matter you are dating her or you are already married to her, her debt isn’t yours. Theoretically, her debt can become yours if you are married to this Russian lady. But realistically, her debt is only yours when her creditors come to find you. Therefore, you should understand her financial situation very well before marrying her. Ideally, you must avoid Russian beauties who are in debt because there are so many girls in Russia who aren’t in debt – most women from Russia know how to manage money quite well as that’s a part of their upbringing. If she only tells you that she has debt after you’ve married her, you really must be careful – that can be a scam!


Share a side job with your Russian girlfriend. Research shows that rich people usually have multiple streams of income. Hence, if you want to be rich and successful, you probably should have more than one income stream. In this economy, multiple streams of income are paramount because more and more people only have part-time jobs or casual work. In this day and age, a growing number of individuals are contractors rather than employees. Thus, it’s dumb to rely on one dead-end job only; it’s wise to have more than one income stream. Also, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket! In fact, it’s easier to run a side gig if you cooperate with your Russian woman. For instance, if she is a crafter, you can run an online business with her on – she is the crafter & you are the business manager. That will make this side gig more likely to be successful because it’s not a one-man show or one-woman show (it’s a partnership). If isn’t your thing, you can even try where you two can do other types of freelance work! Better still, when you share a side job with your girlfriend from Russia, you have many more things to talk about at home, which is great for your relationship. But what you must avoid is multilevel marketing because that industry has the worst reputation in the world – they make money through recruiting other salespeople rather than through the sale of products. Very few people have made money through pyramid schemes. Worse still, most multilevel marketing businesses have a weird cult-like ambience that you won’t like.

Dating Russian women Money tips


Don’t make money look like a taboo topic in your relationship. Many couples avoid talking about money, but they fight because of money problems. As a result, in order to avoid conflicts like that, you’d better let your Russian wife know that it’s okay to talk about money in your relationship. She should feel safe when she is talking about money with you – that’s how you encourage her to talk about money in a candid way. If you laugh at her or make her feel strange when she talks about money, then she will avoid talking about money with you in the future. Please remember that money is the No. 1 reason for divorce in almost every country in this world. You would be well-advised to have a weekly money meeting with your wife from Russia. You can even call it “money date”, i.e. you go to a restaurant with her every Tuesday lunchtime to look at your finances (of course you can bring your laptop with you): checking your income, depositing money to your savings account, conducting bank reconciliation, paying your bills, and so on.


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