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Russian free dating guide

Dating Russian women: Money tips
Russian date

In the western culture, money is a taboo topic. Most women would rather talk about their weight instead of their money. Many people would rather talk about sex instead of money. But if you avoid talking about money, in the long term maybe fear will run your life when you are married. So, let’s be direct and talk about money today.

Russian dating 101: Should you marry your financial opposite?
rela russian women

It’s shocking to see that so many people think love and money are separate topics. In theory, love and money are two completely different topics. But in practice, love and money have to become one topic if you decide to get married!

Dating Russian girls: Fashion tips
sexy rus women
Russian women are well-known for their great sense of fashion. If you want a Russian girlfriend, it’s a good idea to upgrade your own sense of fashion. Read GQ magazine regularly. Hiring a fashion stylist is expensive, whereas buying a GQ magazine is affordable. Therefore, you should check out GQ magazines regularly and learn more about fashion & style for men.


Married to a Russian wife: How to be happy for life
Russian date

Some men don’t have the ability to maintain their marriages, whereas some men are very capable in this regard. What are these successful men’s secrets?• Making your Russian wife happy will make you happy as well.

Scent of a Russian woman
Russian date

The famous movie Scent of a Woman even mentions the awesome scent between a woman’s legs. How about the scent of a Russian woman? • The scent of a Russian woman is lavender. Lavender is the most relaxing, soothing and enchanting scent for Russian women.

The elegance of a Russian woman
Russian date

In the book Vintage Beauty Parlour, Hannah Wing states that the 1930s was the era when women began to learn the elegant style of Jean Harlow and Josephine Baker on the big screen. While western women have changed their style since then, Russian women are still there in terms of style – they are just as elegant as classic Hollywood movie stars in the 1930s.

How to talk to any Russian woman
Russian date

Do you feel nervous when a hot Russian girl is flirting with you? Let me help you now! Oh, don’t forget to take notes. • Ask for stories instead of answers. If you want to have more interactions with a woman from Russia, remember to ask more questions so she has to talk to you. However, you must master the art of asking questions before you do it. First and foremost, you’d better ask for stories rather than answers.

What to say to a Russian lady on the first date
Russian date

re you preparing for the first date with a Russian woman? You don’t have to do the preparation alone because we are here to help you! • The goal of the first date is to assess whether she is the right Russian wife or not. Treat your first date with a Russian girl like an interview – she has to meet your standards, and then you can consider starting a relationship with her.

What books to read after divorcing a Russian wife
girls in dating

As the divorce rate is pretty high in western countries, we shouldn’t avoid talking about this topic because it shouldn’t be the elephant in the room. Actually, although divorce is considered as the No. 1 stressful incident in life in most countries, there are many ways to look after yourself after a divorce, including reading beneficial books.


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