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What to say to a Russian lady on the first date

Are you preparing for the first date with a Russian woman? You don’t have to do the preparation alone because we are here to help you!


The goal of the first date is to assess whether she is the right Russian wife or not. Treat your first date with a Russian girl like an interview – she has to meet your standards, and then you can consider starting a relationship with her. Otherwise, you shouldn’t see her again! Therefore, the goal of talking to her isn’t just to pass the time. You don’t really have time to waste because time is your most important asset – it’s finite. So, here are a list of questions that you can ask her on the first date:


1) Can you describe yourself in ten words?

2) How would your parents and siblings describe you?

3) How would your co-workers and friends describe you?

4) What do you really want that nobody knows?

5) What is the question that you hope people can ask you more often but they never asked you?

All right – these questions can sound intimidating if you look very serious on the date. However, if you ask these questions in a humorous and fun way, the beauty from Russia will give you positive response. And you can find out whether she is the right Russian bride or not.



Sometimes, you should focus on how you talk rather than what you say. Instead of worrying too much about what to say in order to impress a girl from Russia, you’d better look at how you talk because maybe she will forget what you’ve said to her, but she will never forget how you made her feel. Practice active listening and stop bullshitting her. Maintain eye contact and stop yawning. Flirt with her and stop probing aimlessly. Talk about family & hobbies and stop checking your freaking phone. These are all important on the first date. Remember the etiquette!


Put a rose quartz and an amethyst in your pocket before you go out. It’s perfectly okay to utilize spirituality when it comes to dating and relationships because there is nothing to lose in this regard. If you are really not sure what to say on the first date, you can put a rose quartz and an amethyst in your pocket because rose quartz brings you good luck in your love life (attracts more women to you) and an amethyst stone removes toxic women in your life (the filter). If you are an older man looking for a younger wife from Russia, you can even put an aventurine stone in your pocket because this stone is helpful in terms of senior dating (it makes you feel expansive when you are on a date). Another great stone that you may want to use is citrine – this crystal can help you relax and stress less because of its soothing energy. Don’t forget to cleanse your crystals regularly so that they don’t absorb too much negative energy. A good idea is to clean them before you go out for a date with a Russian woman.



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