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Russian dating tips from experts for foreign men

How to Organize the First Date with Russian Woman?
date russian women

If you’re a lucky guy, who have already found a beautiful Russian woman online and want to ask her for a date, then you need to do all you best to win the heart of Slavic beauty. Girl from Russia and Ukraine are really special and they know how to change your life and make you happy. Don’t lose your chance and make everything possible to impress the lady on the first date. Hereinafter you’ll find some ideas on how to organize the first date.

How to Win the Heart of Slavic Beauty?
heart of Slavic beauty

How to win the heart of Slavic beauty? Some say that it's all about masculinity. Others say that it is given by nature. To answer this question is especially difficult for those guys who don’t understand the reasons for their failures. They try harder than all the others, they invest a lot of strength, time and emotions. But Russian women still don’t want to show sympathy and pay attention on such guys. It's a pity when other guys who don’t do anything to attract the girl (and don’t even think about it) get the attention of the opposite sex.

Which Personal Qualities Are Important for Russian Women in a Man?
heart of Slavic beauty

Very often, guys do their best to interest charming girls and start dating Slavic women. And even more often it becomes a complete secret, what it’s needed to do to win women’s attention and admiration. So, if you are a member of wonderful online marriage agency “My Russian Match” we’re glad to tell what Russian women like about the guys.

How to Become Self-Confident and Attract Russian Women?
Every Slavic beauty

Every Slavic beauty adores self-confident men, who’ll be able to solve any life situation and make the decisions himself. But sometimes it happens that men don’t know how to attract woman or how to make her happy, because they are not confident. But how to become self-confident? And how to realize the real purpose of the Russian girls in the Relationship with a Foreign Man ? The answer for this question you’ll be able to find at our online dating service “My Russian Match”.

How to Realize the Real Purpose of the Russian Girls in the Relationship with Foreign Men?
russian relations

Serious relations between the foreign men and Slavic beauty are not immediately born. Often it takes too long to find someone with whom they really want to tie such long-term, and maybe eternal, relationships. In this case, for sure, you noticed that this desire comes to the girls a little earlier than to the guys. And, perhaps, they need something more from the person with whom they date

How to Get Out of the Comfort Zone?
Russian women for marriage

In our life, we are constantly confronted with situations where something needs to be changed or to do something unusual and new, but the fear of the unknown often prevents us from acting. Our inner voice begins to convince us that everything is not so bad, and who knows if it’s worth to change something in the life. There are internal boundaries within which we feel safe only because everything is familiar there

The Main Signs That a Russian Girl Is in Love with You
Russian girl is in love

Many guys don’t know how to understand that Russian girl is in love. The realizing of this situation would allow foreigners to build a really happy and successful relationship. In most cases, if a guy sees that a girl doesn’t like him and doesn’t treat him correctly, he starts looking for another girl who will fall in love with him.

What to Talk with Russian Women?
russian online lover

Most often the first dates always consist of absurdity, restraint and stress. You try to show that you’re much better than you are, while mentally thinking about a million options for the topics for conversation. In this case you start talking some kind of nonsense and it looks horribly disgusting.

How to Interest Russian Girl Online
invite a girl on a date

First of all, determine your main goal. There is no sense in getting acquainted with a girl, if you have no idea what you want to get as a result. The tactic of behavior is different in each case and depends on the goals: whether it’s a practice in communication with the opposite sex, or simply a way to spend your free time (to have fun).

How to Make Compliments Russian Women?
heart of Russian beauty

A beautiful compliment will make an excellent impression on Russian women. A good compliment should be simple, original and, most importantly, individual. It is important not only what you say, but also how you do it. A voice, a smile - everything plays a role. In addition, it must be remembered that there are compliments you should be discarded.

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