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How to Win the Heart of Slavic Beauty?

How to win the heart of Slavic beauty? Some say that it's all about masculinity. Others say that it is given by nature. To answer this question is especially difficult for those guys who don’t understand the reasons for their failures. They try harder than all the others, they invest a lot of strength, time and emotions. But Russian women still don’t want to show sympathy and pay attention on such guys. It's a pity when other guys who don’t do anything to attract the girl (and don’t even think about it) get the attention of the opposite sex.
important for Russian women in a man

Natural magnetism: is it real?

When such guys appear in the company of girls, beautiful women try to establish communication with them. There is a feeling that since early childhood they have natural magnetism. Actually they can interest any girl they want: after 2 minutes of ordinary communication with such “magnetic guy” a girl gives her phone number with pleasure.

Is it really only about natural magnetism? Does it exist? There is a category of people who believe that if you have natural magnetism, then everyone will like you. If you don’t’ have it, then you’ll be alone to the end of your days. But actually it’s not true. Every man has the opportunity to interest girls from Russia and to win their hearts. If you want to learn more, first of all you need to realize which personal qualities are important for Russian women in a man, and then start acting.

Yes, you really have a chance to become truly successful with the opposite sex. Your desire to understand how to attract a beautiful girl, can take you to a completely different level! Your dedication, combined with developed skills, will give you the opportunity to seduce the most "delicious" women with whom absolutely all the guys want to be.

The two main reasons for failure

Of course, there are a lot of different reasons why you can’t attract the girl. But there are two main ones that deprive you of female attention. The most interesting is that even if you adhere to all other rules of creating attractiveness, the presence of these two mistakes easily "annuls" them.

How to win the heart of the girl: create magnetism with your own hands

Strong Reality. Each person has his own reality - the way he looks at the world around him and what relation he has to happening events. The stronger your reality is, the more people around you behave according to your rules. Especially it concerns girls. If you believe in something, then girls also begin to believe in it.
start dating a Russian girl

Example: sex on a first date. Inviting the girl home already at the first date, because you’ve read that advice in the article, you run the risk of getting rejected. The main reason is that you don’t believe that this is normal, and that is you, who don’t believe that the girl can agree.

And if you are sure that to lead a girl in bed on the first date is absolutely natural, then the girl will also think so. The most interesting thing is that maybe a couple of hours ago she said that she doesn’t have sex on the first date.

It was noticed that people with a weak reality try to join those who have strong reality. And those, who believe that they have such a strong personality and they won’t obey to anyone, are often mistaken (see also How to Become Self-Confident and Attract Russian Women?).

The next way to win the heart of Russian girl is to behave in accordance with your desires. It’s not worth to break all the rules, or to break the law in any case. Sometimes, it’s enough just to behave in accordance with your desires and convictions, despite the fact that "it’s customary to behave differently". Can you do this? Just check and see lady’s reaction!

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Relaxation. The fear of the unknown, which makes you doubt whether you can interest the woman you like, causes internal tension.

Some advise you to actively gain experience in order to learn how to seduce girls, and then you will have no doubts. But not everyone wants to spend several months practicing a seduction, and they want to know right away what it takes to please the girl.

But we can say that it’s enough to be yourself and behave naturally and relaxed. Just practice on your female friends, before you start dating a Russian girl. All you need is to call several of your friends and acquaintances and try to talk with them for some time. Stock up with interesting stories from your life, as well as the lives of your friends. Did you see anything interesting in the magazine or on TV? Be sure to tell your new friend about it and develop the topic.
Attract Russian Women

Flirting. Those guys who use flirting, easily can get the girl's heart. Flirtation creates a powerful sexual impulse, which is difficult to resist. With the help of it you can interest almost any woman.

Behave as if you’ve already won her heart.  When you behave as if you’ve already have won her heart, you looks more attractive. The attitude of the opposite sex begins to change greatly, and you notice how they became more interested in watching, flirting and initiating communication. This is the most powerful of all advice. But in order to feel its power, it is necessary to apply it in practice.

Self-esteem. Here you can present dozens of examples and none of them can adequately show the manifestations of high self-esteem in life. Until you really begin to appreciate yourself. Otherwise the success of the opposite sex will remain for you a dream.

Social demand. The more active you are, the more people you can attract (laugh, interesting story), the more attractive you look in the eyes of the opposite sex.

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