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How to Interest Russian Girl Online

To impress a girl by online correspondence, one must adhere to certain rules and avoid common mistakes. In such a way you can quickly achieve the main goal of communication and interest Russian brides.


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First of all, determine your main goal. There is no sense in getting acquainted with a girl, if you have no idea what you want to get as a result. The tactic of behavior is different in each case and depends on the goals: whether it’s a practice in communication with the opposite sex, or simply a way to spend your free time (to have fun). But the best option is if it’s a purposeful communication for further invitations to a date with the possibility of a relationship. (If you’ve realized your goal, then you need to learn “What to Talk with Russian Women” and “How to Make Compliments Russian Women”).

The goal must always be kept in your head and be reached as soon as possible. Let’s suppose, you want to invite a girl on a date, but you’re so carried away by Internet communication that you’ve forgotten your purpose. As a result, you spend an extra month wasted on correspondence with the girl, and when, at last, you want to invite her for a date – it’s too late because she has already begun to date another guy.
Russian women for marriage like positive guys. Be energetic, emotional in moderation, cheerful and benevolent. A couple of jokes will always help you. It’s forbidden to do the following, in communication with girls online:


  • To whimper, rail at fate.
  • Be offended. It’s needed to laugh off all insults in communication.
  • To gossip. It is necessary to exclude any "woman’s" qualities when communicating.
  • Talk about the shortcomings of your former girlfriends. The girl will immediately realize: "He speaks ill of the former, in the future he will speak in the same manner about me." But you can tell about the generous actions in relation to the former girl.
  • Express your opinion, not in a rigid, but in a justified, supported by facts form. Do it softer, if it concerns the girl, her weaknesses, otherwise you can insult her.

Publish more good photos. Publish good photos to your account. Work above your account and profile on the network. Surround it with a halo of success, mystery and intrigue. Share photos that will show you from the better side. Girls appreciate it.

Russian women for marriage blonde

It is recommended to post photos where you are:

  • With the family;
  • At a concert, a game;
  • Play sports (snowboard, bicycle, football);

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Take care that the girl does not take you for a self-centered person, worried only about himself and his own reputation. Don’t upload photos like:


  • On the background of expensive cars;
  • Selfies at breakfast, lunch and dinner;
  • With cigarettes, alcohol;
  • In a state of intoxication.

Be an individual, have hobbies, interests and read books, develop yourself. A girl is unlikely to be interested in a guy that doesn’t know how to connect two words in one sentence. But, your erudition can "catch" her. Limit communication. If you see that the girl has lost interest just shut down the computer. Only losers  stay online all the time. A successful, confident person values ​​his time. He will not spend it on sluggish chatter on the Internet. Sometimes you can abruptly interrupt communication without waiting for her answer. This will create a small intrigue. Call a girl by name more often. All people are sensitive to the mention of their name. It is proved by psychologists. Actively using this, you can attract attention to yourself and achieve trust. Send messages at about the same rate as she sends them to you. If you correspond too lively, you will show an excessive interest in communication with her.
How to diversify the correspondence with the help of media files?

Women love diversity. If you can surprise a girl - you will definitely attract her attention. The sent song will be associated with you. And when she hears a song somewhere, she will remember you. Interesting pictures, videos, movies, articles - all this can diversify your communication and make it really interesting.



russian women invite

What should be avoided while communicating?



  • Many guys believe that rudeness is an indicator of confidence, but this is a false stereotype. A girl does not like when a guy is aggressive with her, familiarly and use obscene language in speech. In reality, a guy with this behavior is more like a jackass than an alpha male.
  • If the girl doesn’t want to communicate, there is no point in insisting. It’s not necessary to "elicit" information from the girl, "to get into her soul". Such emotional violence will scare the girl away. Let the girl save her private space.
  • Spelling mistakes. Don’t make mistakes in writing. Your literacy is an indicator of intelligence.
  • Clichés. All Russian girls are fed up with the standard type of expression "Hello, how are you? What are you doing?". It’s better to start developing the topic of the conversation, based on her hobbies, interests. For example: "Hello! I noticed that you like [the name of the actor]. And soon there will be a film with him on the screens. Will you go with me?".
  • Don’t need to talk about your steepness - the girl will be disgusted. Talk less, work more.

In order to pleasantly surprise the girl, you can from time to time make beautiful compliments to her photos. If you managed to interest the girl, it's time to ask her out on a date. We would like to introduce a few original options where you can invite her. How to Organize the First Date with Russian woman - some useful tips how to properly hold the first date.



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