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How to Make Compliments Russian Women?

A beautiful compliment will make an excellent impression on Russian women. A good compliment should be simple, original and, most importantly, individual. It is important not only what you say, but also how you do it. A voice, a smile - everything plays a role. In addition, it must be remembered that there are compliments you should be discarded.
excellent impression on Russian women

To make a good impression, carefully prepare for a romantic meeting. Here are a few general guidelines to follow.
  • Remember that you can overdo with compliments, so you need to watch your speech and do not use eulogies, too often.
  • A compliment, said with a smile, will melt any girl's heart.
  • When you make a compliment your voice should sound confident.
  • Think about what the girl appreciates in herself. And then you can safely make a compliment. Be interested in her work, study, hobbies, in this area compliments can pleasantly surprise your girl.
  • The compliment of appearance is very important, but no less important is the compliment of personality. After all, your girlfriend must have a very rich inner world, a beautiful character, an intellect. She has personal achievements with which she is proud. And if you start to be proud of them, it will be very pleasant for her. (Read more “The Main Signs That a Russian Girl Is in Love with You”)
  • A kiss or a hug can serve as a compliment in action. Spend a palm or lips over her hair, this you will emphasize the beauty of her hair. And even a special look can serve as a compliment to her beauty.
  • Be able to adequately accept the refusal of your compliment. This often happens to unfamiliar girls. They can ignore you or even respond with rudeness. But they do not have to believe an unfamiliar person. It is not necessary to be imposed. It can only be emphasized that you’ve said it sincerely, without any intent. Maybe this phrase will soften the beautiful stranger?
What should be the perfect compliment?
It’s very important to realize what you are going to say. The most important advice - if you do not know how a woman will take the compliment, it’s better to remain silent. Below are a few simple rules that should be followed.
  • Let all your compliments be sincere. Girls are able to recognize pretense, do not deceive either her or yourself.
  • Compliment should be told to the place and by the time. Otherwise it will sound silly.
  • If the compliment is ambiguous, then you may find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Therefore, it is necessary to express your thoughts very clearly.
  • Your compliment should be original and non-standard. In this case, the girl will be interested in you.
  • Learn to notice the little things that distinguish your girlfriend from others. Compliments on this topic will be most pleasant for her.
  • Do you remember the famous phrase "brevity is the sister of talent"? So the compliment should not be complicated, as all ingenious is simple.
heart of Russian beauty.

Here are some examples that you can take as a model.

  • "I like the smell of your hair".
  • "You are my happiness!".
  • "You are like a sip of water on a hot day".
  • "Where could I see you before? Probably in a dream".
  • "I saw you and forgot all my problems, thank you for that...".
  • "Your smile is so charming, and I see that you are a good person".

But every compliment should depend on the situation, on the person, his character.

Compliments which are better to refuse.
  • The vulgar. Many men, making a compliment to a separate part of the body of a woman believe that this they attract their attention. But a self-respecting girl will regard such a compliment as an insult, especially if your relationship is only in the development stage. Therefore, you can make a compliment to her eyes or hairstyle, but, by no means the chest or the lower part of the waist. If you hardly know the girl, then you should not make her compliments of an intimate nature.
  • russian girl love men
  • Women are able to thinly feel the lie. If you value relationships, then refrain from flattery.
  • Unsuccessful comparisons. Often compliments can be construed as an insult. To such compliments it is possible to carry a comparison of a girl with people unpleasant to her. Or, for example, do not say that that she’s beautiful, charming, "today". This suggests that at other days she’s ugly.

Do not forget to compliment her with SMS from time to time. In addition, all girls love when their photos are commented. In such a way you can interest Russian women online. We hope that these small tips will help you win the heart of Russian beauty.

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