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How to Get Out of the Comfort Zone?

In our life, we are constantly confronted with situations where something needs to be changed or to do something unusual and new, but the fear of the unknown often prevents us from acting. Our inner voice begins to convince us that everything is not so bad, and who knows if it’s worth to change something in the life. There are internal boundaries within which we feel safe only because everything is familiar there. It is these internal frameworks that compel us to hold on to relationships that have become obsolete, for work that does not satisfy us, and even for the habitual way of thinking. These inner frames form our comfort zone. The same situation is about acquaintance with foreign women. Guys are afraid to get acquainted with Russian women for marriage because they don’t know their character and habitual lifestyle. All they know about Russian girls – is that they a beautiful and charming ladies, who know how to make the life of the husband much better.


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As a rule, the comfort zone is determined by the usual patterns of behavior, to which one is accustomed. This is an established world where everything is familiar, stable and predictable. But if you dream about life with wonderful and kind Slavic girl, you need to get out your comfort zone and do the first step to the happiness. Here are some tips that will tell you how to get out of the comfort zone and take a step towards organizing the first date with Russian women.



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  1. Change the usual order of the day. It's great if you accustomed to follow the same schedule every day. This helps to concentrate on what you are doing in each period of time. However, sometimes it's worth picking a day, and changing your schedule to try something new. This is the easiest way to get out of the comfort zone, which doesn’t require much effort on your part.
  2. Meet someone. A great way to get out of the comfort zone is to get to acquainted Russian women. It may be online, or outside (if you have a Russian neighbor or something else) and find out what to talk with Russian women, but never communicate just a roommate or any casual person.
  3. Go to courses, join a club. Look for ads in newspapers or forums in your city to find out which clubs and courses are in your city. Choose something that you like, and join. As an option - start learning English on Skype. The most important thing is to practice or visit the club regularly.
  4. Go on an unplanned trip. Use a couple of days off to go on a small trip. Choose a destination, take a small baggage, but don’t plan anything else. While you're going, think about what you will do and where to stop. You will not only leave the comfort zone, but you also will get a lot of impressions.
  5. Take on new responsibilities at work. Take on a new project at work or in your business. Decide not just to work on it, but to work well. It’s important not just to make changes, but to make them consciously, in order to succeed. It will not only be a way out of the comfort zone, but also a very useful initiative for your success.
  6. If you’re not exercising, start doing it. If you’re doing exercises, just double the training loads. Physical exercise is an integral component of health and well-being, and if you add to your usual exercises a couple of dozen push-ups, you will also be proud of yourself. If you have not done physical training yet, it's time to start! Don’t set records, the main thing is to move to a new level.
  7. Try new dishes. Open up Yandex, Google or a cookbook and find dishes that you have never tried. Buy the necessary products and cook. At best, you will discover a new recipe, at worst - just expand your horizons.
  8. Set yourself a goal that will require a big change. Set yourself a goal for which you will need to change the situation or yourself. Don’t just think about what you could do, but set yourself a time limit, for which you will achieve this goal.
  9. Learn something that you would never know in your everyday life. Choose an object that you’ve not previously been interested in and begin to study it. Look for information on the Internet, read articles on Wikipedia. This is not only training for the brain, but also an opportunity to expand the horizon. If you always do only what you like, your knowledge will be limited in one way or another. After a while you’ll be surprised to find that you even enjoy doing things that you would never do in your life.
  10. Lead your passion to a new level. Choose one of your hobbies and look at it from the "new" side. If you are blogging, start monetizing it, if you grow flowers - show competitiveness and make them more beautiful than neighbors. Whatever sphere of activity you take, you must put a new problem that you need to solve.

Why is it dangerous to get out of the comfort zone?

The main danger that surrounds us in a comfortable and gray life is a lack of motivation. Acting and even forcing yourself to act is not easy at all. To develop a habit of working on oneself and making efforts regardless of mood and weather conditions is becoming a top priority. This is facilitated by an active way of life, physical activity, curiosity, belief in oneself, living life on the principle of "here and now".


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