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Married to a Russian wife: How to be happy for life

Some men don’t have the ability to maintain their marriages, whereas some men are very capable in this regard. What are these successful men’s secrets?


Making your Russian wife happy will make you happy as well. Some guys are dumb and think self-love is all about themselves – that’s absolutely, totally wrong, because no one is island; we are all connected, especially you and your Russian bride. When you only focus on your own happiness and even secretly feel glad as your Russian woman is suffering because she sacrifices for you (you literally think you are getting benefits from her), then maybe you can get some short-term benefits, but in the long term, you will definitely, completely lose. A marriage isn’t a short-term transaction; it’s a lifelong journey. If your Russian lady stays in the marriage when you laugh at her pain, be aware: She will take revenge whenever there is a chance or when she has enough leverage and power to do so, particularly if she is a Scorpio! Please note that if it’s a one-way street and you’ve got benefits by using her, you must leave her as soon as possible; otherwise, she will take ten times back from you in the future if you stay in this marriage. On the contrary, if you treat your Russian girl well, she will also reciprocate due to the Law of Reciprocity. That’s why making her happy will also make yourself happy – it’s a virtuous circle.

Married to a Russian wife


Making yourself happy will also make your Russian beauty happy. Similarly, the reverse is also true – when you feel happy, she will also feel happy. The importance of putting yourself first is vital! Only when your own cup is full can you share what you have with people around you. When your own cup is empty, how can you help others? You literally can’t! Therefore, when you put yourself first, you become the happiest version of yourself and then you are able to treat your Russian stunner right, give her love & affection and spend quality time with her. When you are able to love her in the right ways, she will also love you back. Again, it’s a virtuous circle!

Russian wife happy


It’s probably okay to be a workaholic if you are married to a beauty from Russia. Unlike women in western countries who require a lot of time and attention from their men, women from Russia are a bit different – many of them don’t want their husbands to spend a lot of time with them because a typical girl from Russia would rather marry someone who is ambitious enough to achieve higher in his career. This is also true amongst women in other East European countries and Asia where women expect their men to be high achievers rather than touchy-feely losers whose only ability is hanging out with hot girls. Hence, if you are more passionate about your work, then focus on your work. Look at Gary Vaynerchuk: he told his wife that his career is his priority in life before they got married and they are still happily married now. Oh, by the way, Gary Vaynerchuk’s first language is Russian!

women from Russia for marriage


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