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The elegance of a Russian woman

In the book Vintage Beauty Parlour, Hannah Wing states that the 1930s was the era when women began to learn the elegant style of Jean Harlow and Josephine Baker on the big screen. While western women have changed their style since then, Russian women are still there in terms of style – they are just as elegant as classic Hollywood movie stars in the 1930s.


A Russian girl’s flawless skin demonstrates her healthy body and mind. It is said that a woman’s skin indicates the health of her body and her mind. Indeed, when a woman is stressed out, her skin has reactions, e.g. pimples and wrinkles. The skin is the human body’s biggest organ, so it tells a lot about this person. That’s why you must have a look at your Russian girlfriend’s skin without makeup on before marrying her. The easiest way to do so is to look at her face before she wakes up in the morning – that’s how to find out the real condition of her skin. Usually, most girls from Russia have flawless skin because they take care of themselves very well. Hence, you will find that the majority of Russian beauties have beautiful bodies and healthy minds.

elegance of a Russian woman


Simplicity is the key to elegance. The definition of elegance depends on the individual. But oftentimes, we can say that elegance is best characterised by simplicity – simple and chic features are the most elegant of all. When you visit Russia, you will notice that almost every Russian stunner is stylishly dressed in a simple and chic way: They favour ivory dresses, cream scarves, pink handbags and beige shoes. They don’t wear bright colours too often because they aren’t interested in showing off their assets – they know men are aware of their beauty already. Yes, when a Russian girl’s beauty is subtle, she actually looks more attractive than a Burlesque star.

elegant Russian stunner


Take your Russian wife to a black-tie party where every man will envy you. This is your moment to shine – when you go out with your Russian bride, she will get a lot of attention, which makes you look extremely good, right? Chances are your wife from Russia wears a timelessly stunning evening gown adorned with pearls, diamonds and other semi-precious stones – a chic occasion style which oozes sophistication and glamour. Hmmmmm…. You may want to listen to Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight and you’ll know why you feel so proud of your elegant Russian stunner – she is a true lady.

typical stunner from Russia


An elegant Russian lady lives a frugal life. Elegance doesn’t necessarily mean a high price. In fact, you can find elegance in cheap items. Instead of having 1001 luxury bottles for the morning routine in the bathroom, a typical beauty from Russia only has a few bottles: cleanser, eye cream, moisturiser, foundation and perfume. That’s enough for her to achieve glowing skin and welcome a new day in her life. Yes, Russian women don’t waste their husbands’ hard-earned money and would love to help the household to save more money. Honestly, most financial experts only teach you how to save money; nobody teaches you how to spend money, right? The good news is your Russian stunner not only knows how to save money, but also knows how to spend money – when it comes to spending money, a typical stunner from Russia only spend more money on her values, i.e. if she values health, she spends more money on organic food, a gym membership and a high-quality mattress. If she values pleasure, she spends more money on interesting condoms, black lace bras and seductive perfume. That’s the very definition of an elegant woman who truly knows what a frugal lifestyle is – never waste money on useless things; never be afraid of spending money on her values. When she lives her life on her terms, she becomes the happiest version of herself, thereby making her husband extremely happy at the same time.


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