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Good ideas where to take a Russian girl for a date

Many guys are setting themselves limits when it comes dating. Starting a relationship with someone from another culture seems way out of comfort zone. They might not admit it, but they have a fear of doing something wrong. If somebody wants to start dating Russian women, they are probably wondering what their preferences are. Of course it is better to know rather than assume.


Choosing a place to go to eat

If you think that first and foremost, you should take every Russian girl to the bar for some shots of vodka, you are terribly wrong. Russian ladies are not too fond of getting drunk on the first date. Choosing a right restaurant is very important. It will tell her a lot about your tastes and preferences. Russian girls like to go to nice places. However, don’t try too hard to impress her. Picking the fanciest place in town might not be the best option. Firstly, because of the fact that she might be too intimidated and thinking which fork to pick for each course. This will not help you to create a relaxed and easy atmosphere for getting to know each other. Secondly, if the place is too expensive, she might also feel stressed not knowing what to choose from the menu and being afraid to leave an impression of someone who likes to roll on others’ expense. Pick something a little bit more casual, but cozy. If you still want to take her out to a place that requires a little bit more formal apparel, be sure to let her know in advance. Russian girls love to look great. For you she might seem like a prom queen in her everyday outfit, but for a woman it is extremely important to feel that she is properly dressed for the occasion. There are a couple of really safe bets, where to take a Russian girl out to eat. It can be a sushi bar. It shows that you are not too cheap and it’s a place where people don’t go on a daily basis. Or a nice family-owned Italian restaurant in some romantic location. There you can be sure that the food is going to be good and it is easy to choose from the menu.

Other dating ideas

After you have met in a cafe a couple of times, you mind find yourself thinking about what to come up with for the next date. Luckily, there are lots of things to do for a change. The cool thing about Russian women is that they don’t mind being outside regardless of the season. Invite her for a walk in a nice park. Some women might even feel more free to talk while walking rather than eating. If she is relatively new to town, take her to some place that is worth seeing. Or drive to the seacoast or a lake and take a walk along the shore, make stops to sit on the bench and enjoy the view. It is not a good idea to offer a woman to drive somewhere out of town if it is your first or second date. But if she already trusts you it is totally fine. Again, make sure that you tell her upfront that you are going for a longer walk in the nature, so that she will dress appropriately. You don’t want her high-heels getting stuck in the sand. Be careful with activities that require too much physical effort. Russian ladies like to feel that they are perfect in every situation. Sweating will make them feel uncomfortable. If you know for sure that you both like certain kinds of sports it is fine to do something together such as tennis match or going for a run.

Russian girl for a date

The most important thing about dating is to be sincere. Be yourself and do the things that you like to do. If you feel comfortable, she will feel the same way. Russian girls can definitely feel if your actions are coming from the bottom of your heart and they really appreciate it as well. And remember – if she offers you to drink tea after a date – always say „yes“!

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