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How to attract any Russian woman

Russian girls are different from women in western countries. Therefore, what you already know about dating and attraction can be useless when it comes to dating Russian ladies, if you are new to the Russian dating world. Now let’s discuss how to attract any Russian woman that you desire.

attract any Russian woman


Talk more about feelings and emotions rather than things and facts. As we all know, when men are talking, they focus on things, facts and the concrete. By contrast, when women are talking, they talk about emotions and feelings. No wonder men and women come from different planets and speak completely different languages. Men and women misunderstand each other every single day. However, once you know how to use female language to unlock your Russian beauty’s heart, attracting her will be easy. The best way to use female language to attract her is to talk about emotions and feelings with her because that’s her favorite topic. In western countries, women are more likely to compete with men, so they are less feminine and use more male language (which can be boring). In contrast, Russian beauties are much more feminine, so you’d better use more female language to communicate with her. Instead of analyzing who is right and who is wrong, you can ask her how she feels and give her the emotional support that she needs.

beauties from Russia


Create instant history with a Russian stunner. When you meet a woman from Russia for the first time, you should turn this stranger into someone special immediately by searching for some special moments you shared during your first encounter. Then you can find a few words which reprieve the laugh, the flooding smile and the warm feelings you two felt. Now, just like old flames, you and this lady from Russia have a history together, i.e. instant history. The best way to achieve this effect is to prepare some jokes and tell her one joke based on something you’ve seen (as long as this joke has something to do with the environment you are in, it should be fine). You need to be calculated and think like a comedian. Every stand-up comedian wrote their own jokes before they go onto the stage, so you should work that way before you meet the beauty from Russia. She will definitely be impressed by your good sense of humor.

girl from Russia


Do not play games with her. Unlike women in western countries, beauties from Russia rarely play games with men. So, if your plan is to play games in order to get her, your plan will definitely fail. You would be well-advised to be honest, candid and frank. If you are playing games with a girl from Russia, she will call you out and won’t like you. You have to understand the dating culture in Russia and other East European countries where people prefer a straightforward approach rather than methods that keep others guessing.


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