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How to become a high-value man that every Russian girl wants

Instead of figuring out how to get a Russian wife, have you thought about how to become a high-value guy that every Russian beauty wants? Now it’s time to change the game and work on yourself!


Have a vision. When you have a goal, you also need to have daily rituals that can help you achieve that goal. Once both the goal and daily rituals are established, you will have laser focus! For instance, your goal is to build a 7-figure business by 2020, so your daily ritual could be to contact one person who can help you with your business. If you can stick to your daily rituals, your goal will be achieved because you are making success inevitable. A visionless man is unattractive in Russian women’s eyes, so you must have a vision, a real blueprint.

beauties from Russia online free


Upgrade your money mind-set. A high-value Russian lady doesn’t want to marry a financially unstable man because financial security is paramount in Russian girls’ opinion. Please don’t justify your financial failure with “true love should be unconditional”, because although money can’t buy happiness, absence of money guarantees unhappiness! The best time to upgrade your money mind-set was 10 years ago, and the second-best time to upgrade your money mind-set is today. Read books written by Robert Kiyosaki and Barbara Stanny, and then your money mind-set will be shifted permanently. Meanwhile, don’t ignore details such as maximising legitimate tax deductions, taking time to research before buying stuff and discussing finances before living with your Russian bride.

how to get a Russian wife


Have powerful friends. Russian beauties aren’t attracted to loners who have no friends. During tribe times, all women were attracted to the alpha guy who is well-connected in the community. Evolution has programmed women to be that way today. Therefore, you have to figure out business networking which will benefit your business/career, your social life and your future in general. Firstly, you need to create a LinkedIn profile and read materials written by Lewis Howes who has figured out LinkedIn completely. Secondly, you should attend some industry events where you can meet like-minded people. Remember to arrive on time because most people will be slightly late for the event. When you arrive on time, you can talk to the event organiser who will introduce people to you later. Those who come to this event will want to talk to you because they think you are the organiser’s friend! Lastly, please read Joe Sweeney’s Networking is a Contact Sport and Will Kintish’s Business Networking: The Survival Guide. Both books are fantastic and very informative. When you have powerful connections that can give you the fast-track to success, beauties from Russia will run to you.

Ladies from Russia are very feminine


Learn attractive behaviour. It’s much easier to learn attractive behaviour than to become as tall and handsome as Leo DiCaprio. As a result, you need to understand what behaviour Russian beauties like. In the first place, women from Russia like honest men. Consequently, if you are playing mental games with her, she will definitely call you out. In the second place, when you are dating a Russian beauty, make sure you demonstrate your masculine energy. Ladies from Russia are very feminine and they expect men to be masculine. In other words, you should be more traditional and show her that you are a real gentleman. A chivalrous guy is always attractive in Russian women’s eyes. Last but not least, when your Russian girlfriend does something that makes you unhappy, you should let her know because it is your responsibility to teach her how to respect you.




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