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How to date up and marry up: Dating Russian beauties who are out of your league

Dating out of your league sounds a bit scary because it’s not easy to handle the pressure when you are nervous in front of someone who is out of your league, right? Well, let’s redefine “dating out of your league”: In your case, you are not necessarily going to date a very rich Russian woman; you are probably going to date a younger Russian girl who you think is out of your league. When you look at it this way, you have reframed your fear.

date a younger Russian girl


You definitely don’t want to date your ex. Your ex becomes an ex because of a reason, so you shouldn’t date someone who is exactly like your ex. You may think this statement is irrelevant, but here is a fact: Many men date the same person again and again, so they get hurt repeatedly in the same way – each time you meet their new girlfriend, that’s just the same girl with a different name and a different haircut – the personality is actually the same! Therefore, many men repeat their old patterns time and time again without knowing it. But you are reading this article, so you must be interested in learning something new and becoming a better version of yourself. Hence, you should be aware of the fact that you probably also have a type, but you need to clarify whether that type works for you! Even if you are dating a hotter, richer and younger Russian beauty, when she has the same personality as your ex, you know it’s time to stop it, because that’s not dating up/marrying up.

young russian women


Yes, she is younger and hotter than you…. Indeed, your Russian stunner is hotter and younger than you. Maybe she is a 22-year-old intelligent lady with a degree from a prestigious university. She is attractive, gracious and well-educated. But maybe she isn’t as valuable as you are because you have your own great qualities. Perhaps you have more life experiences, a better career and more wealth. As a result, your perception is “she is out of my league”, but in reality, she isn’t necessarily out of your league. An analogy is Rose and Jack in Titanic. Although Jack is a poor artist and Rose is an upper-class girl, Jack’s inner world is much richer than Rose’s. Jack has figured out his life, but Rose is suicidal. Consequently, we shouldn’t evaluate a person’s value based on their surface-level qualities. When you understand this point, you begin to realise that you actually have a lot to offer your Russian girlfriend.

your Russian girlfriend


Leverage what you have but she doesn’t. Maybe you are much older than your Russian lady, but that shouldn’t make you put her on a pedestal. If you are reading Tim Ferriss’s Tribe of Mentors, while she is reading Cosmopolitan, you should know whose taste is better. Yes, that’s right. You have more practical knowledge, whereas she only passed her exams at university in order to get the freaking degree. After graduation from university, most women don’t touch a book anymore – they only read shallow fashion magazines. If your Russian beauty is like that, then you should know probably you are out of her league.


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