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How to keep a Russian woman

Let’s say you have already found yourself a Russian girlfriend. And if you have been dating for a while, you might be trying to imagine how the family life is going to look like. But at first, you have to make sure that your Russian beauty will stay with you for a long time.



Attention is crucial


Russian women love to get a lot of attention from the men’s side. It doesn’t mean that you have to escort her everywhere or text non-stop. At the same time, don’t make her feel abandoned. If you have long work days, make sure to call at least once or twice. Be the first one to do it, otherwise you might get her into a habit of calling you several times an hour. Spend a lot of quality time with her. Find time to do things that you both enjoy to do. Having mutual interests will help you to be closer.


Bringing her to your home country is not a lifetime favor


Many men who start dating Russian girls and end up moving them across the border think that they have done enough for a woman to be thankful until the end of her days. It is too naïve to think so. You will be making a huge mistake if you treat her as someone who is dependent on you. In fact, Russian girls are very good at finding ways to get by, even if they are abroad. There will always be a huge demand for Eastern European women among the Western men. If you don’t treat her properly, she will not be afraid to take a chance and look for someone who will make her feel like a queen.


Being honest and sincere


Russian women are very emotional. In many cases, they are much more sensitive than the women from the West. Although it might seem that they are striving for luxury and fancy lifestyle and material values are very important for them, it will never replace the emotional values. For Russian ladies sharing feelings is the most important part of the relationship. They really appreciate if you are honest with them and say things as they are. They want to know what you feel. Affirmations are extremely important to them. Don’t hesitate to tell your girlfriend how beautiful she is or how much you love her. And of course, do not ignore things that cause misunderstandings in your relationship. Be open if you talk about problems too. It is a secret of all successful couples. Considering that you have different cultural backgrounds, misunderstandings can seriously undermine the relationship. Make sure that you are talking about the same things. It is not solely because of the language barrier. Be patient and explain what you mean by saying this and that.

keep a Russian woman


Be helpful and willing to learn


It takes time for a couple from two quite different nations to learn everything about each other. One thing that Russian girls are always trying to determine is whether you are better than a Russian man. Having a partner from their own culture is an easier way out. So prove that you are a man that she has been dreaming of, prove that you are different. For example, help her with the household. Don’t be like those lazyasses in her home country that come from work and drink beer in front of the TV. Be interested in her. Be proactive and ask questions about her childhood, about the traditions of her family. Or start learning Russian. Show her signs that your relationship is very important to you. Do not be afraid to help her to become more independent. If she is looking for a job, help her to find it. If she wants to improve her qualification in something, help her to join the right course or go to school. It is not going to decrease your importance in her life, on the contrary, it will help to build trust between the two of you and make your relationship much stronger.


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