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How to make a Russian girl sexually attracted to you?

The most important step of seducing a Russian beauty is to make her sexually attracted to you. In other words, you need to let your sexiness do all the work for you, so that you can enjoy the rewards and benefits. That means your sexiness should be the cause which makes sleeping with Russian women an inevitable result.


Use a cologne that smells like wood or grass. Women are very receptive to a nice perfume. Research shows that any cologne which smells like grass or wood creates two effects:

1) it makes you seem taller because the smell of wood is automatically associated with a tall tree;

2) it makes you seem clean and tidy because the fresh smell of grass after the rain is very refreshing;

3) it makes a man seem to be sexy because the smell of wood or grass turns on women’s sexual part in the brain – they will associate you with attractiveness as a result. Therefore, you can do some research online and decide which cologne you should buy and which cologne you should never buy. This is definitely your secret weapon from now on in terms of attracting Russian women.

Beauties from Russia


Reveal your body hair. If you are a very lucky guy with chest hair, don’t be afraid to show it! That means you should wear a shirt with a few buttons undone or a T-shirt with a deep-V neck. A study shows that men who wear V-neck T-shirts are more visually attractive than men who wear other types of T-shirts. Women from Russia will be automatically turned on when they notice your sexy chest hair which is often associated with the image of lying on your chest in bed after having sex with you. Never underestimate the power of a woman’ imagination. Also, it might be helpful if you don’t shave every day because your facial hair can be sexy, too. But this really depends on the shape of your face and your hairstyle as well. Hence, you may need to consult with a professional stylist in this regard. Investing in good style advice is worthwhile if you want to get a hot Russian girlfriend because you can use the style advice for the rest of your life.

hot Russian girlfriend


Lower your pitch and talk slowly. When you talk to a lady from Russia, remember to lower your pitch. Statistics show that men who talk with a lower pitch are considered to be more attractive than men who talk with a higher pitch. Another great tip is to pronounce every syllable when you speak English. This brings two benefits:

1) Not every Russian beauty is good at English, so if you talk too fast, she may not be able to understand what you are talking about. That’s why slowing down is helpful.

2) When you speak fast, you look more nervous; however, when you speak slowly, you look calmer and more confident instantly, so Russian girls will find you more attractive as well.

seducing a Russian beauty


Never scratch your face when you are talking to a Russian beauty. Some men look very edgy when they are talking to women. They constantly touch their faces or don’t know where to put their hands. That means they lack confidence. Beauties from Russia would be turned off immediately when this happens because every Russian bride is looking for an alpha guy who has the confidence to give her a lifetime of happiness. Consequently, you need to stop scratching your face if your pimples are annoying you. Just see a doctor or a specialist to treat your acne as soon as possible, so that you won’t have the need to scratch your face anymore!



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