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How to pick up a Russian girl

Russianladies Slavic girls are known to be the most sociable in the world but the men from other countries still often ask how they can approach and impress them. One more fact is that Russian women are so polite because of Russian communication traditions and it does not mean that much. So basically we should admit that there are the same things that affect all the women in the world without any dependence on nationality.




We still have a lot from animals or from ancient times when the life was incredibly dangerous and people were dying much oftener than today. A woman in that dark period of history was looking for a strong and skilled partner who would protect her and their offspring from predators and other human beings. Yes, women used to be much more pragmatic than men.

Today the decorations have changed and you do not risk so mush when going for some milk to a store but still the main thing all women pay attention to is self-confidence (but do not mix it with egocentrism). Unfortunately, Russian ladies really lack this quality in men because too many Russians were brought up in single-parent families and mothers were unable to engrain proper traits of character. The situation is changing now but not all Russian girls are ready to wait.





Sense of humor


Being optimistic is a very good thing and without any exaggeration it is incredibly important if you want to pick up a girl. It is not necessary to be very handsome or to have a bundle of money in your pocket if you have charisma. Charisma is based on well-developed sense of humor when you can make a girl laugh. Even psychologists say that laughing together makes people closer – the girls will trust you more willingly if they have fun with you.

The best news is that we all possess that amazing skill of good humor. The only secret here is known to everybody – don’t try to pretend that you are cooler than you actually are. Falsity and hypocrisy are easily detected by women with their awesome intuition and no man can walk over a woman. When you accept yourself fully and without any exceptions everything becomes much easier. You do not have to prove anything to anybody and can concentrate on the right things - for example, on picking up attractive girls!





Family values


Do you know the main common thing for Russian brides and foreign grooms? They both are family oriented. Russian men are often not mature enough to have kids and to take care of them and the Western women are more and more obsessed with careers. They do not want to think about future and about chair days endlessly postponing resolving of the most significant problems.




If you want to attract a woman for serious relationships you should not try to look a cool macho. We suggest that you show her your interest in a good family. Such a behavior is something unusual for a Russian woman and she will definitely find you interesting.

However, one should saying such things only if he really wants to marry a girl and to have children. It is not a good strategy for “fast Russian dating” because deceiving somebody is not a good strategy by default.





Be friends!


The last recommendation is as important as the others. Strong relationships cannot be based only on sex. You should listen to your girlfriend, talk to her and also share your thoughts and emotions. Women from Russia often notice that foreigners are very attentive and that they are not only partners but also good friends with their husbands.





Everything will be OK if you follow these simple tips that will make both you and your girl happier.





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