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How to please Russian women so that they want to please you

Unlike western women, Russian women are actually quite easy to please. That’s because western women live in rich countries where they have abundance, whereas Russian ladies were born in Russia where people have to work very hard in order to live a decent lifestyle. Since Russian girls appreciate things you do for them, you should know how to please them so that they will make you happy.


Take your Russian girlfriend to upscale concerts. Most men don’t mind taking their girlfriends to fancy restaurants for dinner, but you want to go the extra mile and share some unforgettable experiences with your Russian bride – you should take her to upscale concerts where she has to dress up and be glamourous. An even better idea is to take her to a concert where other women there are extremely attractive, thereby making your Russian stunner work harder to keep your attention. For instance, taking your Russian lady to a Katy Perry’s concert is much better than taking her to a Cher’s concert. Why? Well, that’s because Katy Perry’s fans are more likely to be young women who are hot in their 20s, whist Cher’s fans are probably grandmas in their 60s. You need to make your Russian beauty work for your attention! So, she must have some competition around.

Take your Russian girlfriend to upscale concerts


Travel with your Russian bride. If you decide to marry this Russian woman, make sure you travel with her at least once because you will see whether you two can truly get along or not by travelling with her. While travelling with your Russian girlfriend, you will see how she reacts when there is an issue that needs to be addressed. You will also see how she treats people that don’t expect her respect – how she treats waiters/waitresses in restaurants and hotels tells you a lot about her real personality – if she is rude to waiters and waitresses, that means she will also be rude to you when there is a real conflict between you two. If she is very polite to waiters and waitresses even when things go wrong, you know she will also be kind to you when there is a real issue in your future marriage with her. Also, you can observe her behaviour in the hotel room with you: Does she care about you? Does she look after you? You’ve paid for the trip with her – does she appreciate it? The best part of travelling with her is you can see her face without makeup! We all know that girls from Russia love makeup and fashion because they want to be pretty. Therefore, you should totally look at her face before she goes to bed at night and before she wakes up in the morning: What does her real skin look like? Does she have alluring eyes without eyeliner and eye shadow?

Travel with your Russian bride


Give her beautiful gifts and see whether she reciprocates or not. It’s very common for a guy to give his girlfriend a nice gift on her birthday, so you can also do that. But when it is your birthday, does she give you a gift as well? Even if she is not as rich as you, does she buy you something that she can afford? Is the gift thoughtful? How much effort has she put into choosing the gift? The present that she gives you doesn’t need to be expensive, but it has to show her thoughts and love for you.

Give her beautiful gifts



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