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Learning Russian Language

Learning a new language is always a challenging thing to do as a grown up person. In Europe people speak on average two languages or more,while in the United States people have a hard time learning to speak more than one language and it is almost considered a national disadvantage. A man, who has in mind to start dating Russian woman might be curious, whether it is absolutely necessary to learn Russian for that. The good news is – if there was such a condition we wouldn’t have so many happy couples around the world.


Many girls speak good English

Luckily, there have been a lot of positive changes in the education system of Russian-speaking countries. Learning laguages has become more important. English is, of course, one of the biggest priorities. Many parents want to make sure that their children become fluent in it and even hire private tutors. Going to language schools is very popular among the Russian-speaking young people. That is why if you meet a Russian girl of your dreams, there are quite good chances that she will know English at least on the level of communication. And if you don’t know Russian at all then she will have to learn to express herself. You will see her English getting better day by day.

Learning Russian and growing closer

Although for everyday communication learning her language is not crucial, there are a few situations in life when knowing Russian might really benefit you. One of them is getting to know her family. If you have been dating for a while and you have serious intentions, then at some point in time you will probably have to meet her parents. The older generation was unfortunate to grow up in a closed country where they did not have any chance to practice foreign languages. So it is very unlikely that her parents will speak English or any language other than Russian. For many Russian women family is very important so it would be nice if you could have better relation with them.

Learning Russian could also help you to understand their culture better. Language is a huge part of it. If Russian ladies are living abroad for a while, they’re longing for things that remind them of home. So for instance, it would be very cool if you could watch together a movie in Russian or listen to Russian songs. Learning the language can also help to understand better the way people think. You can ask your partner to teach you a little bit of Russian, but do not force it upon her if she is not willing to. However, if she enjoys it, then you will have another fun activity to do together.


Russian is tough

Be prepared that learning Russian might not be as easy as it seems. In addition to the fact that they are using different alphabet, there are also plenty of grammar rules that are totally different from English. Pronunciation is hard as well. The logic of the language might seem quite weird for the English-speaking person. Russian language is a part of the Slavic language group, so unless you speak any of those languages learning the language of Tolstoi and Dostoyevski might be quite a challenge. It will definitely take some time to start speaking. It takes even more consistent effort to become fluent in it, probably a couple of years. However, every challenge has its own rewards. Learning Russian will give you more confidence when you are travelling to your girlfriend’s home country. Russian girls are fascinated by the foreigner who can speak their language. Maybe you won’t be able to tell sarcastic jokes in Russian at first, but at least you will amuse them. And you never know what kind of skills you might need in your future life.

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