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Russian women and Russian men

matchrussian We all have heard hundreds of stories about Russian girls and foreign men and none about Russian men with the Western ladies. What is the problem with the men of Russia that their women have to look for husband abroad?


Alcohol and tobacco


Watching any Hollywood movie you have no doubts that a typical Russian is a man who drinks every evening and never appears in the street without a cigarette. We want to assure you that it is nothing more but exaggerated stereotypes. Actually, there is such a problem with alcoholism in Russia but Russian women suffer from it as well. In other words, the men are not the only ones who cannot say themselves “no” and quit this bad habit.

According to the statistics about 55% of Russian men are smokers. The numbers seem to be terrible but we should take into consideration that it has been gradually reducing during recent years and that such countries like the United Kingdom and Poland have higher percentage of smokers. The conclusion is that despite problems will alcohol and tobacco really exist they hardly can be the main factor of Russian ladies’ dissatisfaction.







Here we have the biggest problems of Russian families – unfaithfulness. In Russia a man is not a man if he does not have a lover. It is something very casual and natural for a wealthy guy to have affairs with colleagues or any other women that he regularly meets. The consequences of such behavior appeared to be very serious – many young Russian brides were brought up by the mothers who left their husbands because of unfaithfulness.

Such girls are very reluctant to believe Russian men because the tradition to have one or more lover regardless of presence of wife and children is still relevant. Men from the West tend to be more faithful – in their countries it is quite difficult to find a pretty single woman and they are just not ready to risk and look for some new feelings knowing that they can lose their significant other.





Demographic imbalance


Two world wars are much more devastating than we usually think. Firstly, the balance between the number of men and women was broken and it is still not OK – there are more women than men and two Chechen wars and tough 90-s made it worse.

Poor women just cannot find enough men to date and to start family with. That is why people who work in the resorts popular among Russians often say that Russian girls look “hungry”. But what would you do in their situation? Probably would also look for a decent man in other country if there are no such guys in yours.




Ukraine and Belarus also suffered from demographic problems and such imbalance; however the current situation in these two countries is not that severe.







Finally, many Russian women just want to move. It is very difficult to live in a big and cold country and we can understand their desire to change the place. Integration into new society means accepting its values, learning new language and so on and so forth. So it can be hard to find a Russian-speaking man there and women date locals.





In other words, there are many things that influence the choice of Russian ladies and we should not blame Russian men too much. There are many good people among them and there are Russian girls who look for their compatriots even abroad. It is always nicer to be together with somebody who speaks you mother tongue and who will always understand all your jokes, isn’t it? But sometimes a foreigner is much closer and it means that everything depends on particular woman and on particular situation.



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