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The best cities to meet Russian women

sexrussiangirl Obviously, the bigger the city the more you will find people with different origin. Luckily, in the U.S. there are many places where you can meet Russian women. Apart from the big metropolitan areas there is also a great chance to meet them at the beach or far on the West Coast. So basically you can pick a place that you like the most.

New York and Chicago

In New York the easiest way out is to aim for Brighton Beach or, as they call it, „ Little Russia“. If you have not been there yet, it is definitely worth visiting just to feel the vibe. There you will find the most authentic Russian ladies. Brighton Beach is a quite a closed community. Some people that you meet will hardly speak English. Other than that, you can meet Russian women in any part of New York or Chicago. You can hear the distinguishable language at the counter in the shop, or passing by girls on the park bench or just walking on the streets of New York and Chicago. Of course, these girls love big shopping malls. For the ones who are visiting the United States as tourists, the outlet malls are something close to paradise.

In places like New York or Chicago the Russian girls can be easily mixed up with Polish women since they are part of one of the largest groups of immigrants and the accent might sound quite similar. Unless you are a real expert on Eastern European women you cannot tell the difference by the looks.

Florida – the place to find the hottest girls

If it is the right season, then the best place to start dating Russian women is definitely the beach. Whether you decide to go straight to Miami or Panama City Beach or anywhere that is in between these two, you will always find some really pretty Russian girls there. You can meet students who came to work there for the summer. Some of them have immigrated while ago and stayed, so now they are residents of Florida. It can be your waitress at the local breakfast place or the shop assistant. Many souvenir shops or so-called beach department stores are owned by Russians, so you can talk to ladies who work there. And of course there are plenty of tourists at the beach. You should take into consideration, that people who can afford to come to Florida to vacation belong to higher income part of population, so you will have to put more effort to impress these girls.

Some really exotic girls on the West Coast

For those who want to find Russian ladies on the other side of the United States, Oregon is a really interesting place to go. In Portland area there are several towns with quite a big share Russian-speaking population. In Silverton and Woodburn, even the signs in the City Hall are translated to Russian. There are different kinds of Russians in that area. Some of them have lived in America for a couple of generations. These are old-believers who escaped from the government back in the age of Russian Empire. Many of them came to Oregon through Brazil or other countries in South-America. Those women have very specific looks since many of them still wear the traditional dresses, long and colorful. The presence of established community with Russian roots, attracts many new immigrants from Russia and other Slavic countries such as Ukraine. Among them you can find a lot of beautiful women with much more modern looks. And of course, going a little bit more South to the cities of California, there is always a huge chance to meet Russian women.


All told, when looking for Russian ladies, it always makes to go to places with lots of immigrants. Chances are that among them you will find your Slavic beauty.

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