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The women who never sleep

insexdate New York never sleeps, Tokyo never sleeps, even Paris almost never sleeps – we all have heard it so often and only few of us that the only city in the world that definitely never sleeps in Moscow. Moscow is something that is too big for any stereotypes and descriptions. It is impossible to describe the atmosphere of the Russian capital in a small article so we will focus on the Russian ladies that spend their days and nights in Moscow.

Posh life

Foreigners who are lucky enough to get to know Moscow nightlife always get astonished with the glamour of the capital clubbers. They throw money without counting it and can spend several thousand dollars a night without even noticing it. The reason is simple – they are children of incredibly rich parents who usually are involved in some business with oil, gas or construction.

Each elite club is always full of the hottest chicks and a foreigner who is looking for sex dating in Russia will never find better women. They are open-minded, self-confident and extremely sexy. Moscow ladies are different from Russian girls who live in smaller towns and we will tell more about it in the next paragraph.

Moscow vs. Russia

Without a doubt Moscow does not look like a typical Russian city. It is modern, wealthy and wonderful while smaller towns tend to be dirtier and poorer. You will hardly impress a Muscovite with your foreign passport and American English. You will hardly impress a Muscovite with anything at all including money – they earn as much as the Americans.

If Russian women from Ural, Far East or any other region do their best to pick up a foreigner (or to let him pick up them) Moscow girls do not care that much about where you come from. It means that you have the equal chances with the local men. So how can you conquer the heart of a girl from Moscow?

Moscow pickup

Sex dating here has the same rules as anywhere with some remarks. You should choose the outfit more carefully – stylish look is the first thing a Moscow princess pays attention too. Luckily Russians try to follow Western fashion trends and everything will look quite familiar to you. Don’t even try to turn up in Aeropostale tee or something like that. Moscow people have a very good eye on fakes. They will just not take you seriously.

The second important factor is behavior. It may sound weird but Russians appreciate quite animal-style domination. Don’t forget about their unique situation – Russia is located right between Europe and Russia and it is easy to explain why they have something from both West and East. In other words you should look like a European or an American and behave like an Asian. Let yourself be a real macho and pick up girls without any hesitation. Dance with them, buy cocktails for them (but don’t let them use you) and the night will be really hot. Even if you do not get what you wanted it will still be an awesome experience.


As for Russian brides for marriage there are many single women in Moscow who would happily marry a nice guy. You can meet such a girl nearly in any public place including parks, malls and all kinds of public events. And again you should not be timid – in Russia they adore men who are not afraid to step out and spontaneously talk to a cute girl. There are no reasons to be afraid of anything including the reaction of people. Let them stare at you and admire your brave behavior – only few of these guys can do the same. Finally, you have absolutely nothing to lose and can gain really a lot if a cool girl agrees to go out with you tonight.

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