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Typical mistakes in Russian dating

Foreigners have very good chances to find cute Russian singles but they should not flatter themselves too much. It can seem easier to pick up a girl from Russia but it also very easy to lose her once and forever. This article is supposed to prevent you from committing serious mistakes in communication with Russian women.



When a foreign guy comes to Russia or Ukraine for more or less long time (for example, at a students’ exchange program) he quickly gets used to particular attention from the girls’ side. The guy starts thinking that he is unique and irreplaceable and that he has the right to neglect Russian ladies and take them one after another. The outcome is usually disastrous. Never take girls from Russia for granted! Never ever!

By the way, foreigners are losing their main advantage – passport of another country. They used to be rarely met and even exotic at Soviet times and in 90-s but today the borders are not closed anymore. Annually Russian girls go for vacations abroad and not that many of them are so keen on foreigners. Well, they date Americans and Europeans but they can date Russians as well. Now they prefer to look at personality but not on the citizenship. So don’t be too self-confident and remember – Russian brides never forget and never forgive.


Sometimes guys who marry a girl from Ukraine or Russia behave as though they are somehow better or stronger or something else. The reality appears to be different – the statistics show that women from Russia quickly and successfully integrate in new society and often leave their husbands behind making much better career. Just imagine how stupid you would look in such a case!

Lack of respect and negligence

Russians love attention and they need a lot of it every day. You could have noticed how they appreciate compliments and literally flourish when you notice a new collier or bracelet or at least hairstyle. Don’t repeat a mistake of Russian men – they often are very romantic in the very beginning of relationships but get colder later and eventually lose their girlfriends. It can be too late to regret, my friend.

And you would probably agree that Russian women deserve to be admired, don’t they? Look at the majority of the Western women! Do they put so much effort into their style and appearance? No way! They can go to buy some milk in an old and faded hoodie, shorts and bright pink high boots! Well, it is their position and they have the right to look beautiful only if there is a significant reason for that but Russian girls are irresistible all the time!

Look sharp!

As a wise man said it is not enough to conquer a woman! It is like making up fire – everybody can do it but not everybody can find enough wood to keep it. In our case the “wood” is your attention, respect and care that are absolutely necessary in relationships with Russian girls. Don’t even try to play a macho and to show her your negligence – there will be no way back.


Unfortunately, unfaithfulness and home violence are typical for Russian men (although the situation is getting better) and poor women choose foreigners hoping that everything will be different. If you offend her and ignore her opinion she will quickly leave you. The green card definitely will not help you make her stay – they have pride and honor.

Quite often Russian girls do not even have to leave the country since there are always many other man who are ready to do everything to get such a cool girlfriend. So don’t overestimate yourself – there are no irreplaceable people in the world.


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