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Why are some Russian women just more attractive than others?

Although Jackie Kennedy famously said, “There are two kinds of women, those who want power in the world and those who want power in bed”, in Russia there are actually three types of women.

The Russian girl with a gorgeous body and a beautiful mind. This is the first type of women in Russia. They are also called “the elite Russian beauties”. In fact, these ladies are not only physically hot, but also mentally and spiritually attractive. The woman of your dreams should have these qualities. Therefore, if you are looking for a Russian bride, you should totally consider girls in this category. Typical examples are Maria Sharapova, Anna Kournikova and Irina Shayk.


These women are sexy in every single way!


The Russian girl with an angel’s face, a hot body and an empty brain. Sadly, there are some dumb Russian girls as well (just like in every country, there are intelligent women and stupid women). Unfortunately, many men fall in love with hot women and ignore their brains. At the beginning, it’s probably okay because men are very visual and women’s lack of intelligence wouldn’t matter in the short term. However, in the long term, it’s incredibly difficult to maintain a marriage with a dumb woman. Just as the ancient eastern saying goes, “If you want to be stressed for a day, have a big group of people over as guests. If you want to be stressed for a year, build a house by yourself. If you want to be stressed for a lifetime, marry a stupid woman.” Therefore, when you are dating a Russian girl, make sure you test her intelligence early. You can look at her hobbies and interests. What makes her happy? Video games? Watching TV? Going shopping? Fashion magazines? Or reading and learning? How much time does she spend doing her work? Does she complain about her studies/job all the time? Can she handle interpersonal relationships? Are her friends mostly silly girls? Or does she have a solid high-value social circle?


These are significant questions for you to answer.


• The materialistic Russian woman with sex appeal. This woman is not necessarily gorgeous, but she is definitely sexy enough. They know how to work on their looks and attract men. But be aware – are you dating a gold-digger? A lot of western men already know that there are some horror stories from certain international dating sites because some men met scammers from Russia. Well, indeed, you need to be careful no matter you are dating a Russian woman or an American woman because gold-diggers are in every country. They come in all shapes and forms. They don’t have to be Russian! Here is a true story: A guy met a girl online. The girl wanted to go to an upscale concert, so she went shopping with the guy. She saw a beautiful evening gown, and she bought it herself (the guy was expecting her to ask him to pay for it, but she paid for it), and she even offered to pay 50% of his suit. Of course, he didn’t let her pay for his shit. So the guy thought this girl must be a very good girl. Yet the next day, the girl called the guy, “I don’t want to go to the concert anymore because I don’t have the right handbag to go with. I thought a handbag of mine should work, but now I can’t find it anymore. And now I’m looking at a Chanel bag on the Internet, but it’s too expensive. Could you please help me with that?” So the guy paid for the freaking Chanel bag. And one week later, the girl broke up with him.

The evening gown was $100, but the Chanel bag was $3000. You don’t want to be this guy!




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